Stringing Along with the Orca Bay Mystery

Part 2 of the Quiltville Orca Bay Mystery Quilt was released Friday morning.  I was excited to finally get to work on the project as I was still waiting for the ruler needed for Part 1.

The task was to make 72 3.5″ blue string blocks.  The first step was to make the foundation papers from an old phone book.  I found that the antique paper cutter I had stowed in my garage made this step a breeze:

Soon I had a pile of 3.5″ foundation papers:

Part 2 calls for strips, or strings, of blue fabric ranging in size from 3/4″ to 2″.  I found the 2″ size just a bit too big.  The point is to have a variety of fabrics and sizes.  I didn’t really have a “stash” of strings so I rotary cut a bunch:

To create a block, place a strip face up down the center of the foundation paper and then place another strip face down along one edge.  Sew and press.  Continue to add, sew and press until you have covered the foundation paper:

Trim the block and remove the foundation paper from the back:

Eventually, after a couple of movies and a football game or two, you will have 72 blocks!

Here’s a close up of a few:

So, Part 2 is complete AND my rulers finally came in the mail! So I’ll start on Part 1 in a day or two.  I have Christmas projects and decorating high on the “to do” list first!

Have a great week, y’all!


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8 thoughts on “Stringing Along with the Orca Bay Mystery

  1. Wow, look at the color in your blue strings, they are wonderful!! I have blue strings as well but most of my blues are solids or blue on blue. I think I’ll have to work on that this year. Your’s look great!

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