Ready for Red on Orca Bay

The Quiltville’s Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 4 was released to the OB groupies on Friday morning.  I was happy to see the red fabrics finally come into play!  After all, ’tis the season!  It was time to start using these:

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on these this weekend but I did get 24 red string triangles completed:

Here is a close-up of some:

I love using this wide assortment of fabrics.  Several bring back memories of quilts I’ve worked on in the past or fun shopping sprees at a quilt shops near and far.  And then some of the fabrics are total mysteries – don’t have a clue where they came from! 😉

I did find that while I was trimming the triangles as Bonnie suggested in her instructions that it was awkward to trim the left side of the triangle.  I solved that by putting a small cutting board on a swivel tv turntable.  After trimming the right side, I could turn the entire board and trim the left side:

Cutting board on tv turnbable


After trimming right side, turn and trim left

I love this mystery quilt – love using all these fabrics from my stash, love the method of putting the blocks together (especially the string blocks) and love the camaraderie of the QuiltvilleChat Yahoo group.  But by the numbers I am REALLY far behind!

Part 1 – Hour Glass Blocks – I’ve done 77 of the 224 need – 34% complete

Part 2 – Blue String Blocks – completed all 72 – 100%

Part 3 – Half Square Triangles – 350 need, I’ve done 74 – 21% completed

Part 4 – Red String Triangles – completed 24 of the 128 needed – 19%

My average percent complete is 44%.  If this was a grade I’d be failing!  But, this is not a grade, not a race and I shouldn’t stress over what I haven’t completed.  Rather I should be relishing what I have accomplished.  And I am!  Really!

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7 thoughts on “Ready for Red on Orca Bay

  1. Pretty reds! And thanks for the tip about cutting the left side of triangle, with which I have also been having trouble. I have a small cutting mat I could use…but the only turn-table available is in my stereo! (The other one in my pantry is a double-decker loaded with bottles and tins of spices…) Hmmm….

  2. Brilliant idea about the tv turntable. I’ve bought the swivel mats and found them useless because they tip.
    Your reds are beautiful. I’m using Cheddars, I have 13 🙂 The finished blocks are very warm and rich though, I like them very much. I have about 40 finished and starched.

  3. LOVE your TV turn table idea. Just brilliant! I’ll be watching Garage and Estate Sales and hope to find one. I agree with you on the Rotation Rotary mats… they are almost useless. But I had to have one when they came out. . . blah
    Your Reds are gorgeous! I even recognize some as they are in my strip box as well. This is so much fun.
    You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed my visit here very much. Thank you again for your great trimming trick.

  4. Great idea for trimming. I found it awkward to trim on the left side so I just trimmed all my excess from the right side and it seemed to work out fine. Faster for me too. Enjoyed your blog.

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