Orca Bay Mystery Mania

Part 5 of Quiltville’s Orca Bay Mystery Quilt was published bright and early Friday morning. I really do love this mystery, just wish I had more time to savor each step.  I feel so far behind!  But there are good reasons – like seeing my granddaughter visit Santa:

Isn’t she cute?  I wouldn’t give this up for all the mysteries in the world!

But I did manage to get some of the Orca Bay project done this weekend.  Part 5 builds on Part 3. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished Part 3!  So Saturday, I devoted a couple of hours to Part 3 which calls for 350 half square triangles.  I added 121 new half square triangles to the 74 I already had bringing my total to 195.

Today I added the Part 5 triangles to 35 half square triangles.  A nice round 10% of what I’ll need in the end!  Here they are:

Here is a close up of a few:

I did want to share with y’all how I am keeping all this organized – since I have only completely finished one step of the 5 released so far.  I printed out the instructions for each part and keep a ziploc baggie containing the pieces completed for that step with it.  I put a sticky note inside with notes on the number finished and how many needed.  I don’t want to count the same things over and over!

I’m still binding and labeling a couple of quilts that will be Christmas presents so Orca Bay will continue to be on the back burner for a few more days.  After the holidays I will be able to really get into the mystery mania.

Have a wonderful week before Christmas, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “Orca Bay Mystery Mania

  1. I’m in love with your dark fabrics! Yummy. And, envious of your organizational skills! lol. Love the idea of putting the post-it into the bag. Thank you for that idea; I will do that to my growing piles. Thank you!

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