Happy New Year, y’all!

I have spent much of New Years Day working on the Quiltville Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  Part 7 was released Friday and the final big reveal of the solution was released this morning.  It looks like it will be a really neat quilt when finished.

I have made a lot of progress this week.  Here are all my piles of completed and partially completed steps:

Parts 1 and 2 are DONE:

Part 3 was completed and integrated into a completed Part 5 (except for trimming points).  Part 4 needs work.

Part 6 and part 7 also still need work:

I did play with the layout a bit.  I love the end result!

I will spend some good quality time working on the Orca Bay project this week and planning my next BIG mystery project – don’t you just love a mystery!  I’ve discovered the Just Takes 2 mystery project thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Quilting Bear GalJust Takes 2 is a two color challenge.  Check it out!

I am considering using purple and white – everyone who knows me knows I bleed purple!  But I need to go shop for the fabric – if an entire quilt is two fabrics only, I want to absolutely love what I’m working with.  I will keep you posted!

Have a great 2012, y’all!

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17 thoughts on “Happy New Year, y’all!

  1. Barbara, I just went through all my fabric stash and can’t find 9 yards of any one fabric for the background and only 6 yards barely for the focus fabric. That 6 yards does not allow for a matching border. So I may make it two color but several fabrics in those two colors, or have to go shopping. Wouldn’t that just be terrible? LOL

  2. Congratulations on being the first to link up on “Mystery Monday”! Orca Bay is a stunning pattern, isn’t it? I’m halfway through Step 7….then the layout begins.

  3. It looks wonderful! This was so much fun and I’ve enjoyed doing it too! I’ll have to see how much purple I have and see when your mystery quilt starts!

  4. Great look with the colors you chose. Makes me want to motor onto the next step but I am really trying to finish each step as I go.

  5. Your Orca Bay is looking really good. I am still at the beginning of step 7. Been working on a NYE mystery which is almost done soooo soon I can get back to OB.
    I , like you, love mystery’s. I’ll be doing Take 2 as well. I think I’m going to do mine in a deep maroon and white. But nothing def. yet.

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