Something to Crow About

When my husband and I moved out to the country about four years ago, he started talking about getting chickens.  Now, we don’t live on a farm.  We live on 1½ acres with woods and a creek in the back.  Yes, it is out in the country with lots of wildlife and I just love it.  But the idea of chickens and all that comes with them – no way.  I’m still too much of a city girl for all that!  And honestly, I think he’s just teasing about the chickens.  He couldn’t possibly be serious, right!?

So I decided to give him chickens for Christmas – well, actually, a chicken quilt:

Something to Crow About

I’ve been working on this project for months without his knowing about it.  That’s pretty darn hard when you are both retired and it seems like he’s around a lot. I have wanted to blog about each step but had to keep it under wraps for months.  Luckily, he volunteers one day a week and I worked on it at the JSS Quilt Retreat in October so it was finished by Christmas.  He was completely surprised!

The pattern is from McKenna Ryan and I purchased the pattern and fabric as a kit.  You can see the pattern and other fabulous McKenna Ryan creations at Pine Needles web site.  Each chicken is wonderful all by itself.  Here are some close-ups:

Chicken 1 - So Vane!


Chicken 2 - Dawn Patrol

Chicken 3 - Hit the Hay

Chicken 4 - Struttin'

The quilting was done by Susan Corbett and she did an absolutely fabulous job!  You can see how she quilted around the chickens above as well as the wood grain inner borders.  Here is a close-up of some of the quilting around a chicken coop:

I am really happy with the quilt  – here is one more look:

I hope dear hubby has some sweet dreams of chickens when he snoozes underneath it!

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4 thoughts on “Something to Crow About

  1. Love the quilt! Chickens are one of my favorites. At one point I had 50. My recommendation would be to locate someone to prepare them for the freezer when the time comes or a ‘retirement’ home for them. I’d still have them if circumstances allowed.

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