The Joy of Cooking

I have some new toys in the kitchen!

First, I have used the Joy of Cooking cookbook for years.  This book was given to me in 1974:

The cover has completely fallen off, it is dog-eared and much-loved but I have found myself turning to other cookbooks in recent years.  Some of the ingredients were either outdated or the terminology was – after all, I don’t have much oleo around.  Then my dear step-daughter, Joy, asked for a Joy of Cooking for Christmas and I took the opportunity to thumb through it before wrapping.  Very updated and chock full of recipes I wanted to try!  So when I saw that Groupon had a deal for a new Joy of Cooking I jumped on the chance! Don’t you just love Groupon?

Here are the old and the new Joy of Cooking cookbooks side by side:

It seems the Joy of Cooking is something of a tradition within our family.  When Joy got married about 4½ years ago, I gave her a wedding shower and asked each of the guests to send me a favorite recipe or two.  I included a few of my own and several of her mother’s recipes and created our own version of the Joy of Cooking:

My other new toy in the kitchen is this:

I have always wanted a real Cuisinart food processor and over the year received several gift cards for my birthday and Christmas for Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It was tempting to buy towels or candles after my birthday, but I saved the gift cards and after Christmas, with a 10% off coupon, I was ready to buy.  Wow – this thing is fun!  It will completely slice up an entire onion is a split second!  We had stir fry last night and prepping the veggies took about 30 seconds!

Between my new Joy of Cooking and my new Cuisinart food processor my challenge will be to keep hitting the 24 Hour Fitness so I can keep playing with my new toys without having to buy new jeans!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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