Just Takes 2 x 4 and OB OMG!

Just Takes 2 — This week I’ve been working on the hand embroidery and hand applique from the first set of Just Takes 2 blocks as well as the first couple of blocks from the second set.  I do love the handwork but am pretty much a newbie at hand applique!  It gives me a much a greater appreciation for those expert hand applique quilters in our midst.

Here are my blocks this week:

Just Takes 2 - Jan 22

Here a some close-ups:

Block 4

I would say that Block 4 above is my favorite!  The embroidery was fun and relaxing.  Below is Block 5 and the hand applique was NOT relaxing but was good practice. I have never used the back basting technique before but it seemed to work better than the basting glue that I have attempted to use in the past.

Block 6

Block 7 below was a nice change!

Block 7

And finally, Block 8 was foundation pieced, which is one of my favorites piecing methods:

Block 8

So those are the 4 Just Takes 2 blocks I completed this week.  I am certainly enjoying this project with some great support both from the Just Takes 2 blog and the Circle of Friends: Take Two! Flickr group.

Orca Bay – So I finally finished all the steps in the Quiltville Orca Bay Mystery Quilt up to the point of putting the whole quilt together.  Yesterday I spent several hours arranging and rearranging on my design wall. It seems fairly easy to place some of the string blocks in the wrong direction so I asked my dear hubby to come up to the quilt room for a second pair of eyes.  First thing he said as he came into the room was “OMG, that thing is scary!!!”

Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for!  Yes, it is pretty busy and pretty big but I don’t think it is necessarily scary!  He just didn’t expect it to be quite that wild.  It is very different from my other quilt projects.  He was happy to hear that it is completely made from scraps and stash and I didn’t buy one single ounce of fabric for this project.

I put the 3 rows that had been arranged on the floor together.

I am hoping that the borders will add some framework and calmness; and give the eye a place to rest. We’ll see how it goes!

Have a great week, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “Just Takes 2 x 4 and OB OMG!

  1. Your JT2 blocks are very good, The applique gets better the more you do. I love your rich royal purple. You are so brave to tackle the Orca Bay. I always download the instructions for Bonnies mystery quilts but have not yet been brave enough to sew along. I think the start would be scary but the finish is fabulous

  2. Just a heads up on the fan & schoolhouse blocks, I went & found a different fan block to do since the directions on this one were not making any sense to me. I also went to the Quilter’s Newsletter site & downloaded a paper pieced schoolhouse block to do since it made more sense to me to do it that way. Barbara @ cat patches had some problems with these 2 also.

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