Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo!

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show PRCA Rodeo last week.  It was my first rodeo!  Yes, I’ve lived in Fort Worth for 40 years and this was my first rodeo!  We had a great time!  I thought I’d share with you some of the events and my “city-girl” interpretation of what was going on.

There was Bronc Riding – both with a saddle and bareback.  I think the rider throws his arm up for style points.

I don’t understand how this guy could stay on the horse!

There is something missing in this one – the rider!

Another event was Barrel Racing – which is primarily a cowgirl event.  They race around three barrels and out of the arena – I’m not really sure why.

There was Calf Roping where the rider catches the calf with a lariat and then jumps down and ties 3 legs together with a rope he’s holding in his teeth.  A well-trained horse will hold the lariat tight while the cowboy ties the legs:

Then we have Steer Roping and Steer Wrestling. Gets complicated, doesn’t it?  Steer Roping is when two riders with ropes catch a steer by the front and back legs and pull it apart (not really all the way apart).

Steer Wrestling event is when two riders chase after the steer and one of them jumps off and wrestling it to the ground, all without losing his hat.

But by far the most exciting and scariest event is the Bull Riding.  In this event the rider attempts to stay on a mad, raging, bucking bull for a full eight seconds.  This has been called the “most dangerous eight seconds in sports.”

Notice the bull below is completely airborne!

Also notice the Rodeo Clowns.  The one above looks like he is about to be impaled.  Actually the clowns are there to distract the bull after the rider is thrown and about to be trampled and gored.

This bull was kind of ornery.  The clown was kind of playing with him until the bull backed up, pawed at the ground and was about to charge:

Eventually he allowed himself to be led away … maybe he heard the dinner bell.

While this may have been my first rodeo, I doubt it will be my last.  We had a great time and I look forward to putting on my boots and coming back again next year.

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo will be in town until February 4th.  Be sure to check it out if you can!

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