Just Takes 2 Catchup

I’ve been playing catchup today and have finished the Just Takes 2 blocks that were released on January 15.  I am all ready for the February 1 blocks.

I did have a bit of an “oops” with the Fan (Block 10):

I was so happy with my curved seams that it took me a day or so to notice the error.  The Just Takes 2 instructions show this image for Block 10:

Ugh!  I used white in the lower left corner, not my purple!  So this morning I frog stitched (rippit) and carefully restitched that difficult curved seam.

Here are the latest Just Takes 2 blocks (9, 10 and 11).

I had read that other bloggers had difficulty with the School House (Block 11) and I was all prepared to paper piece it.  But decided to go ahead and follow the directions as given.  The Y seams were a challenge but I think it came together really well!

Now I’m off to work on Orca Bay which is still spread all over my design wall – see my post earlier this week… Hope to finish that up within the next couple of days!!!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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