Purple Blooms in Just Takes 2 and in the Garden Too

The weather here in North Texas has been absolutely delightful this week and the garden is starting to show a few signs of spring:

I loved seeing the first of the purple irises blooming as well as these bright and cheery daffodils:

Just Takes 2 is just blooming with blocks too.  Here is Unit 4 which was released on February 15.  You might notice that Block 18 is pretty bare – more on that in a bit…

Here are a few close ups of my completely completed blocks:

Just Takes 2 - Block 14

Block 14 was a fun and easy block.  I love pinwheels!

Just Takes 2 - Block 15

I also love basket blocks!

Just Takes 2 - Block 16

Block 16 was a real bear!  I was about ready to wad it up and throw it away.  Those set in seams were very challenging!  Had to hand sew parts of this block.

Just Takes 2 - Block 17

Block 17 is pretty intricate.  I’ve never seen this block before – I had to frog stitch (rippit rippit) a bit as I put the arrows in the wrong direction on one side, but I like how it turned out.

Just Takes 2 - Block 18 - Incomplete

Block 18 is a bit of a blank slate.  It is supposed to have three hand appliqued leaves in each corner.  Because I am not at all happy with my previous JT2 hand applique blocks I am going to wait to complete this block during an upcoming stitch day with my sweet friend Susan.  Susan is well known for her beautiful hand applique and she has graciously offered to teach me some of her secrets.  I can’t wait!!!

I also can’t wait for next week when the March 1st Just Takes 2 blocks will be released.  The Circle of Friends: Take Two Flickr site has lots of JT2 blocks shared by some very talented and amazingly supportive quilters.  Be sure to check them out!

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

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