A Springy Apron for Grandma Grace

Grandma Grace has a birthday next week.  There is some question as to which number it is – my guess somewhere in her early 80’s.  For Grace, this is a well kept secret.  Good for her!   I’ve already made her quilts, wall hangings, table runners, etc., so for her birthday this year I decided to make her this very bright and springy apron.

This is a reversible pattern – here is the other side:

I love the scalloped hem and the cute pockets, but where the yoke met the body of the apron – well, it looked unfinished and sloppy – it looked bad.  So I improvised with some cute ribbon and attached bows.  A green one for one side and an orange one for the other:

I kind of like the way that turned out!  The pattern is the The Church Ladies’ Apron Pattern by Mary Mulari Designs.

Grandma Grace and Grandpa Joe (click here to view the post about his Bow Tie quilt) live up in the Northeast where Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet.  Grace still cooks dinner every night so I’m hoping the cheery spring colors in her new apron bring her a bright and happy birthday.

And I hope y’all have a bright and happy weekend!

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