Raining Ribbons in Dallas

The Dallas Quilt Show was last weekend and WOW!  What an amazing show.  A few of my quilting buddies and I met at Suzanne’s house for the drive to Big D.  It was pouring down rain and Suz was our trusty chauffeur.  Thanks Suz!!!

The show theme – In Full Bloom – was evident from the many flowering, blooming, blossoming and beautiful quilts.  I couldn’t possible show them all to you in one blog but I’ve got bunches to share – so hold on to your hats – here we go!

Best of Show was Redbud Rumble (maker and quilter Linda M. Roy).  The tip of each branch had a tiny red bud.

Texas Horned Lizard (maker and quilter Carol Morrissey) took first place in the Pictorial category (Open Division).  I love horned frogs (and TCU) so I had to have a picture of this smiling guy:

Winner of first place for the Show Chair Theme: Stars (Open Division) is Majestic Blooms (maker Loraine Whelten and quilter Jackie Brown).

The applique and quilting are really quite amazing.  Here is a close-up:

Celestial Garden (maker and quilter Jane Holihan) is a miniature quilt first place winner (Open Division).  There is Barb’s hand pictured so we have a size comparison (I swear, she doesn’t have really big hands :-)).

See the teeny tiny hand quilting stitches?

From tiny to not so tiny… My Primitive Garden (maker Martha Lindberg and quilter Janet Nelson) is winner of first place in the Two-Person Large Quilt category (Artisan Division).  I love love love this quilt!

Another quilt that I love love love is Sweet Tea (maker Carolyn Davis and quilter Jackie Brown).  All those tea pots are just so cute!  This is the winner of the Pride of Dallas award:

This is the first place winner of a First Quilt award (Artisan Division) – Persian Pickle Queens – In the Beginning (Carolyn Stewart maker and quilter).  We all decided it has a real Mardi Gras flair:

This is among one of the many quilts that makes me want to practice my hand applique.  Backyard Retreat (maker Patty Ozga and quilter Mary Jo Smith) won first place in the Two-Person Wall Quilt category (Artisan Division):

Ok, y’all, we are not even done with half the quilts I want to show you.  How about we see one more and I’ll post part 2 of this blog in a day or so.

This quilt is amazing!  I swear you can smell the cinnamon in the air (or that may be the sugared almonds in the food court).  The quilt is first place in the Art Quilts (Master Division) – Fragrant Memories (Rachel Wetzler maker and quilter):

Yum – here is a close up:

Alright – I promise to return soon with the rest of the Raining Ribbons in Dallas – Part Deux!

I hope Spring has sprung for you – here in North Texas the bluebonnets are starting to show up and that is always a reason for joy!  Have a great weekend, y’all!

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