JT2 – To Redo or Not to Redo – That is the Question

One of my recent goals is to work on my hand applique skills. I have taken a hand applique class at Cabbage Rose (my local quilt shop) but didn’t really practice what I learned afterward.  But when I saw that some of the Just Takes 2 were hand appliqued, I went for it.

Block 1 – the round block in the upper right above didn’t turn out too bad. But you can see some of the stitches:

But Block 6 – the hearts — ugh!

The stitches show, the hearts are catty-wonk and the white fabric is puckered!

So when the next hand applique block appeared in the Just Takes 2 mystery quilt challenge, I turned to my friend Susan.  Susan’s hand applique is positively fabulous! Her work is so exquisite and spot on perfect – I want to be like her!  🙂  So I waited to work on Block 18 until after we had a stitch day together.  Susan gave me all kinds of tips, tricks, pointers and encouragement!  From the needle she recommends (size 10 applique) to the type of thread (silk), where to hold my hand and how to insure proper placement of the applique – I learned a lot.  Yes, my points may need some practice, but overall I am very pleased with the results:

Instead of looking “tied down” to the fabric, the pieces appear to rest upon the fabric and you don’t see any of the stitches.

So, now, here’s the question.  Do I redo Block 1 and Block 6?  Do I see imperfections that no one else sees?  Or do I move on?  I do need to start working on hand sewing Block 23.  What do you think?  Any advice? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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8 thoughts on “JT2 – To Redo or Not to Redo – That is the Question

  1. My thoughts are , leave them as they are… at least for now. In my opinion a Sampler quilt serves the purpose of showing a quilters progress through the gaining of skills. I held true to that through the civil war BOW and through my DJ and Farmers Wife. How can we move forward if we keep going back? If the blocks stand out like “sore thumbs” when you come to put them together and you really can’t live with them, then think about a redo

  2. I’m two groups behind on JT2. After I get my niece’s baby quilt done, I’ve got to jump back on that. I must admit though, I’ve been machine appliqueing my blocks. My hand applique is just so-so plus I can machine applique much faster. You will get better with practice. I like to do hand work while watching tv (usually the TX Rangers). Only 10 more days until opening day – YEHHHHHH!

  3. Barbara, you can definitely see your progress, good for you!!! I’d only re-do if it makes you crazy…I re-do everything I can’t live with, but I’m a nutcase about it. Sheila’s advice is good, if you can’t live with it and it’s really bothering you, do it over. If you are fine with seeing your progress in the quilt as it grows, leave it be. I did reverse applique for the four hearts, it makes them turn out perfectly even. I will show you how next time I see you, if you want! xo

  4. Oh I can see your improvements.. great job. I like Shelia’s advice – well said.

    Your dilemma Barbara reminds me of my feeling on some of my CW blocks. I had a lot of issues with cut off points in CW. It frustrated me at first, but as the pile of problems grew, I learned what to do different – I always thought I’d go back and redo some, but I’ve just don’t have the time. As I put it together it’s sort of refreshing to know this is the quilt I learned how to improve on some quilting techniques that I never realized were such problems. I’m learning to forgive all my inconsistencies and it’s very liberating…. 🙂

    I’d redo those that really bother you — maybe practicing with some scraps prior to tackling the entire block. Good luck! Love the purple and white.

  5. I also vote to leave them be, so you can see how far you have progressed when you get finished with your quilt. I have done exactly the same thing, and am so happy to be able to see what my first efforts looked like. I have only been quilting for about 20 years, and my first quilts are still extra special to me, because they were totally not so accurate. Having small imperfections in a “learning” quilt gives you valid reasons to keep a quilt for yourself!!

    Enjoy your quilt, no matter what you choose to do.

    Quilty hugs,
    Ele in Iowa

  6. Others have given you excellent advice. I totally agree that you should leave the blocks you’ve made and re-do them only after we see how they’ll be put together. This is a sampler quilt and we’re learning lots of new things. The blocks will show your growth as a quilter. With the variety and sizes of blocks in this quilt, I think others will admire and say “Wow! How did you do that! ” For now, move on to the next blocks and enjoy what you’ve accomplished.

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  8. I’m a fan of quilts that show our progression. I say keep the first two blocks. As you continue in this quilt, you’ll keep getting better and soon you’ll consider redoing your latest block. Oneday, I think you’ll enjoy looking back atthis quilt saying: I learned so much. See how I started and look how good I was when I finished.

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