Egg-cuses, Egg-cuses

It seems like my life has been full of excuses for not quilting recently.  Some of the egg-cuses are egg-cellent – such as the Easter Egg Hunt with two of my grandchildren yesterday:

We certainly had a wonderful time!

I also have a new toy that has distracted me from quilt projects – a new iPad!  Anybody know of any great quilting apps?

But some of my egg-cuses have been pretty lame.  Here are just some of my projects put on hold with one egg-cuse or another:

  • Just Takes 2 Mariners Compass block — first I thought I needed a special size needle to do the hand sewing but it was so tiny I couldn’t thread the dang thing!  Now, I need special white silk thread to do the applique.  This is not a compass block, this a “stumbling block“!!!
  • Maggie’s big girl bed quilt – waiting for the gingham for an inside border.
  • Civil War quilt – trying to decide on the rest of the border.  I may want to do piping on one of the borders but the fabric I bought for the piping looks great all by itself.  Decisions, decisions!
  • Baby Quilt – have the fabric but haven’t decided on the pattern.  But I’d better get crackin’, the baby is due in July.
  • Any many more … or is that Minnie Moore 😉

I have accomplished one thing this week.  My blog last week To Redo or Not to Redo asked for advice on whether I should redo some Just Takes 2 blocks that had some applique I wasn’t happy with.  After reading all the wonderful comments, I decided I could live with the applique on block 1 but the hearts on block 6 would drive me crazy.  So I made that block again:

Not perfect but much better.  Looking at the most recent April 1 batch of blocks – it looks like I’ll be getting a lot more applique practice – no egg-cuses!

Have a great week, y’all!

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2 thoughts on “Egg-cuses, Egg-cuses

  1. Barbara, I may be able to give you a hint on your hearts, if you do not mind. I used to do a lot of applique when the girls were growing up. I like to stitch the width where you will turn the fabric under either in a short stitch or a long stitch to pull out. Before turning this under clip close together on any curved area, especially on the short curved area. Not too close on the larger curved areas, up to stitching or just short of the stitching or fold line. This will make the circled area fold under smoothly. You could possibly do this by marking with a fade away pen with out stitching. Hope that maybe I helped some. You do beautiful work. Love, Betty

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