Purple and White Progress

Ever since my last “Egg-cuses” post, I’ve actually gotten a lot done!  On Tuesday, the weather was simply awful – tornadoes all over North Texas!  All we had here at home was rain, but the damage and destruction in some areas is tremendous.

So I spent Tuesday afternoon watching weather reports and hand piecing the Just Takes 2 block 25 – the LeMoyne Star.  It came out so well — I am so happy with it! 🙂

Until the Just Takes 2 project I had never hand pieced a block.  This project is challenging me in so many ways.  It might be difficult sometimes (uh, like my stumbling block #23), but when I finally succeed at something I’ve never tried before it is just really gratifying!

Here is the back of the LeMoyne Star:

I’ve also gotten block 24 (another flying geese block) and block 26 (The Palm) paper pieced. Here is the Palm:

These blocks seem appropriate to the Easter season – especially the Palm.  And when I arranged them for a “group” photo with my purple and white irises – they look like a cross!

I want to wish each and everyone of you a beautiful and blessed Easter week!



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3 thoughts on “Purple and White Progress

  1. Your purple and white blocks are so pretty. Then you photograph some of them with your purple iris then it’s WOW! I finally finished one project so I can get back to work on my JT2 project. I’m three sections behind. You are right; they are a challenge at times but it’s a true learning experience.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful, Barbara. Oops, I better get with it…haven’t even downloaded them yet. Okay, I am downloading them NOW…thanks!

  3. Nice job, Barbara. It’s good that one of us is getting some quilting done this week! Although I have printed my share of Inklingo pieces. That counts for something. Happy Easter to you!

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