JT2 Stumbling Block Triumph

I really hit a wall with block 23 of the Just Takes 2 project!  All hand pieced and hand appliqued — it was a challenge because all those curvy, stretchy, biased pieces did not seem to want to play together nicely.  But I fiddled and fussed with it until I finally conquered the block!

It is a tiny bit catty wonk in places but overall I’m very pleased with it and ready to move on!  My next block is block 27 – a large hand appliqued block.

One discovery I made on block 23 is my new favorite applique tool – the toothpick!!!  I guess instead of “needle turned applique” – for me it is “toothpick turned applique.” 🙂

Happy Friday, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “JT2 Stumbling Block Triumph

  1. I admire your stick-to-itiv-ness on this block. I paper pieced twelve over a couple of days and just love how it turned out. My favorite so far but I know that will probably change. Your Block 23 looks fabulous. You give me hope and encouragement on this one!

  2. Well done you, your block is gorgeous. it was quite a tricky block.I too found the toothpick to be a very useful tool especially when poking in the edge os the triangles under the melons. Something else i learned recently is to pass the toothpick over a glue stick, rather than lick it. It was especially good in the next applique block to keep the “points ” of the triangles in place (they still ended up a bit rounded tho’)

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