Retreat Fantasy Progress

Day Two of the quilt retreat at Compass Centre in Mount Calm has been full of fun, food and some sewing too! My Log Cabin Trails blocks are done!  Yippee!!!  I’ve got the whole kit n’ caboodle up on the design wall.

I’m going to let them sit up there for a while before I put the blocks together.  They may need a bit more arranging and rearranging.  I am MUCH happier with it now that the log cabin blocks are done.

My future baby quilt fabric is waiting on the wall – next on the project list:

Suz has been working like crazy machine quilting this pretty triangle quilt:

After hours of pushing this very carefully through her machine – Suz (and several other ladies in the group) purchased one of these:

Now every time I see Suz and the other ladies with their posture gizmos on, I sit up straight!

Barb is downsizing!  Everything she’s worked on is teeny tiny.  An adorable kindle case and pin cushion rings:

Here is a close-up of the pin cushion ring:

Isn’t that just too cute?!  I think she’s making one for all the JSS Bee ladies (hint hint 😉 ).

I’m off to work on the baby quilt!  Have a great day!

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7 thoughts on “Retreat Fantasy Progress

  1. I am wild for your log cabin trails quilt. Excellent design, color, everything is perfect. I’m new here so I hope I’m not asking a silly question — did you create the pattern yourself?

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