Road Trip!!!

We are preparing for a road trip to Arkansas for a few days!  Of course, I need to pack clothes, shoes, toothbrush and other mundane items but as a quilter I have special preparations to make!

Projects – I must bring some projects to work on in the car and when I might find a few idle moments:

Baby Quilt – I’ve been working on a baby quilt.

And decided to embroidery a daisy in each white square:

I’ve done 5 and there are 16 white squares.  A nice easy project to work on in the car!

Just Takes 2 Block 27 Hand Applique – Slowly but surely working on this block.

I’m still not really comfortable with hand applique, so this may not be a car project. But I MUST finish it before I can move on to all the other Just Takes 2 blocks.  I’m a little behind. 🙁

Roadwork Santas – as a fall back project, I’ve always got my red work Santas.  I’ve posted about this handy road trip project before (see Roadwork Santa’s).

Quilt Shops – along with projects to work on a quilter must also always be on the lookout for quilt shops! My major resource is Google, but my dear hubby’s first cousin (whom we are visiting) mailed (yes, snail mailed) me an advertisement for a quilt shop in her area.  I can’t wait to meet her – what a sweetheart!

Sometimes, a personal recommendation is worth more than hours of Google searching, so if y’all know of any great Arkansas quilt shops to visit, please let me know!

Magazines – when the road gets bumpy it may be time to read a bit:

Of course, all of this must be stowed safely in a Quilted Project Bag:

The bag above is called Pockets A Plenty by Whistlepig Creek Productions.  It is roomy enough for all of the projects, magazines, maps and of course, a few of these too:

Have a wonderful week, y’all, and I will try to post from the road!

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!

  1. I’ve tried hand appliqueing in the car and it just doesn’t work for me. Can’t concentrate like I need to. However, bindings, hand-piecing and that sort of thing are not as much of a problem. Enjoy your trip.

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