JT2 Purple Progress Report

I have finally had some time to work on the Just Takes 2 project.  I had been going great guns at first but then came across a few blocks that were real doozies.  The biggest challenge for this fledgling hand appliqúer has been block 27.  But I finished it yesterday.  Block 28 went together in just a few minutes.  Here they are side by side:

Whenever I look at this hand appliqued block I will think of PBS series Downton Abbey.

Strange, I know.  But I watched all of season one while working on this block.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show and will try to watch season two while working on the next JT2 hand appliqued block (block 34).  Who knows, maybe every time I applique I’ll start speaking with a British accent or wear funny hats and drink tea :-).

Once blocks 27 and 28 were complete I could put all of Section A together:

This is one quarter the size of what the finished quilt will be!  This has definitely been a fun but challenging quilt to work on.  The finished product will be a real treat!

Oh, the dogs know the word “treat”! I better go find the Pupperonies :-).

Take care, y’all!

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along – Adding to the Pile

The Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along is up to week 17. This project is inspired by the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along Group on Flickr.  The challenge is to make 2 blocks a week from The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book (by Laurie Aaron Hird).  With that goal, the particpants should have about 34 blocks completed.  I started late so I have been trying to catch up and this week I finally have!  I’m a methodical person, so I’ve been making the blocks in the order they are presented in the book – so here are blocks 32, 33 and 34:

Farmer's Wife 32 through 34

You might notice they are displayed on the wood pile.  Well, dear hubby (the “Farmer”) took down a couple of dead trees the other day and added to the wood pile.  Since I’ve added to my pile of completed blocks this seemed appropriate.

Of course, our Jack Russell Terrier, Rascal, had to supervise (I think he’s getting sleepy…):

Here are some close-ups of the blocks for my pile:

FW 32 Farmer's Daughter

The fabrics I’m using for this project are primarily Aunt Grace with some from my stash.  With Farmer’s Daughter I wanted to use soft feminine fabrics including a pink gingham from my stash.

FW 33 Farmer's Puzzle

I think a farmer’s biggest puzzle would be getting things to grow under harsh conditions.  That is why I used the green and brown fabrics for my Farmer’s Puzzle.

FW 34 Flock

Must be a Flock of blue birds!

Hey, we’ve got the Trinity Valley Quilt Show coming up this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)!  If you are anywhere nearby, be sure to come check it out!  If you are not nearby, you’ll be seeing pictures from the quilt show posted here next week.  Stay tuned!

Civil War Quilt – Block of the Week

This week the Civil War Block of the Week on Barbara Brackman’s blog is the Irish Chain block.  I  love love love the Irish Chain block!

I made this week’s block with fabrics from Moda called Neesha by Sentimental Studios.  I have been using these fabrics through most of the project.  Here is the Irish Chain block:

My very first quilt ever (made in December 2002) was a Christmas Irish Chain quilt.  I dug it out and put it out on the lawn to snap a picture.  Of course, Rascal Dog (Dog is his last name) had to participate:

And more recently I made my grandson Oscar a double Irish Chain quilt – which I blogged about just this past week in Oscar’s Baby Quilts.

The Civil War Block of the Week continues to be fun and the Civil War Quilts 2011 Flickr group is a wonderful, sharing and encouraging online community.  I am so glad to be involved.  Join us; there is always room for more and it’s never too late!

Have a great holiday weekend, ya’ll!


Eeeek! A Snake!

Oh, we had some excitement last night!  Went out to check on the garden and Rascal, our Jack Russell terrier, was jumping, leaping, pawing, barking and generally getting hysterical around the little shed we have next to the garden.  Have you ever met a Jack Russell?  They are crazy, cute dogs, but can go a bit overboard in the histrionics.

Next to this little shed we have some bricks, bags of dirt, flower pots and general garden stuff.  Well, Rascal is going nuts all around the stuff!  So David, my dear brave husband, pulls a few flower pots aside and there it was:

Bad SnakeIt was the biggest Copperhead snake ever!  I quickly got the dogs in the house (thanks to Pupperoni’s!).  Then we had to decide what to do.  Honestly, there wasn’t much debate.  This little vegetable garden is frequented by our precious grandchildren! I do NOT want this bad snake lurking in the strawberries when sweet precious Maggie wants to pick one!  After we verified it really was a Copperhead (one of the three venomous snakes in Texas) David, uh, took care of it.  The snake is no longer.

Let me tell you though – the next time a grandchild heads for the garden, I’m throwing Rascal into the midst of the strawberry patch. He’ll let us know if it’s safe or not.

Now we just need to convince Rascal that the snake, which was tossed into the woods, is really no longer a threat…


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