JSS July Bee Day

We may need to rename the “July Bee Day” to “July Bee Birthday!”  It seems that there are a lot of JSS’ers blessed with a star spangled July birthday!  Thanks to Patt, our gracious hostess, for helping us celebrate!  We even had cupcakes with birthday candles!

Happy-Birthday-CupcakesWe had lots and lots of wonderful quilts for show and tell.  Sally started us off with her Forever Blooming quilt fresh from the quilter (Susan Corbett):

Sally's-Forever-BloomingMuch discussion about whether to scallop or not to scallop the border.  The quilting is exquisite with echos of the flowers and little garden critters (but no praying mantis 🙂 ).

closeup-of-Forever-BloomingJudy was working on the binding for her modern ruffly quilt.

Judy's-Modern-rufflePeggy brought this adorable Moose (pattern purchased during a recent Alaska trip):

Peggy's-MooseHere’s a close up of some of the stitching.

Closeup-of-MooseThere seemed to be lots of baby quilts at the July Bee Day… are more people born in July than any other month?  Seems like it!  Here is Peggy’s pink and brown beauty:

Peggy's-Pink-and-BrownI brought my recently complete Austin Family Album top.  I used Barbara Brackman’s Modernism fabric so I think it may be called “Art Deco Austin.”

My-Austin-Family-AlbumPatt has been working on this neutral toned baby quilt.  A challenge for a girl who loves color!

Patt's-neutral-baby-quiltShe also made this very traditional baby quilt – already wrapped around the baby so we have a picture of a picture on her ipad…

Patt's-baby-quilt---maybeKaren was working on the binding for this pink and gray baby quilt.  We all admired the design made from the change in position of the chevrons – this surprised Karen.  She had no idea she’d done that!  😉

Karen's-Baby-QuiltKaren also brought this super fun Halloween quilt.  Great pattern to use with those spooky scenes!

Karen's-Halloween-QuiltThe back of the quilt makes good use of the lefovers!

The-back-of-the-halloween-qAnd Suz brought a bunch of place mats made with Kaffe Fassett fabric.  This is for an upcoming wedding shower for her soon to be daughter-in-law – lucky girl! Lucky to get those place mats but even luckier to get Suz as her mother-in-law!

Suz-with-Kaffe-PlacematsAnd then it was lunch time!  As usual we had way more desserts than we needed but nobody complained one bit!

lunch-timeSo there you go – July Bee Day and it’s still early August!

Y’all keep cool and keep stitching!

Retreat Spotlight: Karen’s Baby Quilt

The JSS Retreat continues on at Compass Centre.  Lots of stitching, lots of eating, lots of laughing and a little sleeping too!  Barb has been blogging today so be sure the check out the Just Sayin’ Sew blog for the latest.

Today, I wanted to spotlight a really neat technique that Karen is using to rescue some tattered baby blankets.  Karen’s friend Cheryl is a mom who hung on to her son’s treasured baby blankets (don’t all moms have a box or two of those special baby items).

Obviously these blankets were much loved:baby-blanket-1baby-blanket-2Now Cheryl is a grandmother and her friend Karen’s challenge is to incorporate these very special, very tattered blankets into a baby quilt.

In addition to baby blankets you will need paper (like newspaper), coordinating fabric squares for the quilt, basting spray and netting.

First Karen covered a table with paper (things will be getting sticky).  She placed some pretty fabric squares on the paper:

fabric-squaresA quick spray of basting spray:

basting-spraySpread the baby blanket over the fabric squares:

baste-baby-blanket-to-fabriAnother quick spray:

spray-and-layerAnd then layer netting over the top.  The netting will hold the tatters together with the fabric…

nettingPeel the whole mess off the paper and move to a cutting board to cut each block to the desired size:

cut-to-sizeThe result will be some amazing blocks:

blocks-for-quiltThe texture on these is wonderful!

more-blocks-for-quiltFor variety, Karen used some plain fabric squares in addition to the “baby blanketed” squares for this super cute baby quilt:

baby-quiltIsn’t that just the coolest way to reuse old baby blankets???

Now back to the sewing machine… Bear Paws are almost done and a Dr. Seuss quilt is calling my name!



Maggie’s Big Girl Quilt

Maggie’s Momma and I finally finished her Big Girl Quilt!  It’s about time – she’s been sleeping in her Big Girl Bed for quite awhile now.

Joy started this quilt when Maggie was a baby.  But life got hectic and the project was put away for awhile.  But when Maggie got her Big Girl Bed, it was time to finish it up.  Joy is a super busy super mom!  So I added the ric rac and the borders.  It is a BIG quilt so rather than attempt to quilt it (with Minky on the back) I sent it to a long arm quilter.  The binding is all done and now Oscar may be thinking about his own Big Boy Quilt:

Oscar and Maggie are about to have a new little sister in the family – so it might be awhile before Oscar’s Big Boy Quilt gets started!

Road Trip!!!

We are preparing for a road trip to Arkansas for a few days!  Of course, I need to pack clothes, shoes, toothbrush and other mundane items but as a quilter I have special preparations to make!

Projects – I must bring some projects to work on in the car and when I might find a few idle moments:

Baby Quilt – I’ve been working on a baby quilt.

And decided to embroidery a daisy in each white square:

I’ve done 5 and there are 16 white squares.  A nice easy project to work on in the car!

Just Takes 2 Block 27 Hand Applique – Slowly but surely working on this block.

I’m still not really comfortable with hand applique, so this may not be a car project. But I MUST finish it before I can move on to all the other Just Takes 2 blocks.  I’m a little behind. 🙁

Roadwork Santas – as a fall back project, I’ve always got my red work Santas.  I’ve posted about this handy road trip project before (see Roadwork Santa’s).

Quilt Shops – along with projects to work on a quilter must also always be on the lookout for quilt shops! My major resource is Google, but my dear hubby’s first cousin (whom we are visiting) mailed (yes, snail mailed) me an advertisement for a quilt shop in her area.  I can’t wait to meet her – what a sweetheart!

Sometimes, a personal recommendation is worth more than hours of Google searching, so if y’all know of any great Arkansas quilt shops to visit, please let me know!

Magazines – when the road gets bumpy it may be time to read a bit:

Of course, all of this must be stowed safely in a Quilted Project Bag:

The bag above is called Pockets A Plenty by Whistlepig Creek Productions.  It is roomy enough for all of the projects, magazines, maps and of course, a few of these too:

Have a wonderful week, y’all, and I will try to post from the road!

Retreat Fantasy Recap

I was oh so sad to go home on Wednesday from the quilt retreat at Compass Centre.  But reality and commitments on Thursday called.  Wednesday night and all day Thursday I was kind of grumpy and tired – sort of like a kid who comes home from summer camp after staying up all night and playing hard all day for several days!

I am glad to say that my fantasy list of what I was going to get done (see Quilt Retreat Fantasy) was completed!  OK, I’m lying!  But I did almost get the top two projects done!  Yay!!!

Here is my Log Cabin Trails all put together.  There will be a border of a couple more rows of the darker log fabrics but that won’t take me long.

I also had a great time putting the baby quilt together.  I love love love the cow fabric (which is an Alex Anderson fabric).  I used an Attic Window block from 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts book (by Judy Hopkins & Nancy J. Martin).

Here is a close-up of the corner so you can get a better idea of the Attic Window block:

I plan to embroider a little pink daisy in each of the white squares before I quilt it.  I’m just pleased as punch with the way it turned out.

All the ladies at the retreat created such amazing and beautiful works.  My friend Barb blogged all about it at Just Sayin’ Sew.  Be sure to check them out.  Also check out those amazing crackers – that why I blew up like a balloon in 4 days! Back to the gym, Cookie!

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