By the Numbers

Five hundred and ninety two

That’s the number of shapes I’ve cut out by hand this week for Clue 2 in the Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt.  This mystery quilt uses Inklingo to print the shapes on the back of your fabric – no templates, no paper piecing.  The printing went fine – only messed up bit and then the cutting began. I chose not to rotary cut as I’d already wasted a bit of fabric messing up my printing and I was afraid I’d whack up a bit more with the rotary cutter.  So snip snip snip while I watched TV the last few nights.

592-shapesI’m keeping them organized in envelopes with the fabric and shape size indicated.

As I worked, I kept thinking that the title Secret Garden really rang a bell.  Maybe it was an old Nancy Drew mystery.  So I finally googled it (of course) and remembered a children’s book of my mother’s called The Secret Garden (by Frances Hodgsen Burnett, 1911).

Clue-2-Cut-Up Now, I no longer have that book (although I do have many of her cherished children’s books like original Wizard of Oz books) but I did find a copy in the local library.  A quick read as soon as I finish up with The Case of the Secret Garden Clue 3 (we finally get to sew, and print and cut even more!).

Twenty Five

We are on week 25 in the Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week.  The block this week is called The Carrie Nation Quilt and Barbara Brackman gives us a historical peak at Carrie Nation and her escapades.  Here is my Carrie Nation Quilt block”



I finished block 11 of the Postcard Cuties For Winter quilt – only one more to go!


Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Two

That’s how much it costs when your diesel truck gets contaminated fuel – thank goodness it is covered by insurance!  We would hate to loseClifford, the Big Red Truck”! Clifford-the-big-red-truck

This and That

What do you title a blog post about two grandmother blocks, a cup of snow heads and a tree-climbing dog?  “This and That” seems to work!

I have two blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week Blog to share.  The block from last week is called Jack’s Delight.

22-Jacks-DelightI’m not really delighted with it – I think I chose fabrics that are way too busy – but I shared it on the Flickr Grandmother’s Choice site and got a lot of positive feedback.

I am much happier with the block from this week, called Girl’s Joy:

23-Girls-JoyI’m still working on the Postcard Cuties For Winter quilt and have another snowman block done – actually a cup of snow heads:

Postcard-cuties-block-10Two more blocks to go – I may be finished with this by next Christmas!

And finally – my tree-climbing dog Molly!  She found herself interested in something on the other side of the fence so…

Molly-climbs-a-treeup she went!  What does she think she is, a cat?  No, she’s all dog and she could easily jump over that fence but she knows she’s not supposed to.  However, nobody ever told her she shouldn’t climb the tree to get over.  But then she seems to have second thoughts…

Molly-up-a-treeShe’s on the Wall of Good Dog!

So that is “This and That” here at Cookie’s Creek!  Have a great day y’all!

Happy Belated National Polka Dot Day

Yesterday was National Polka Dot Day – a very important national holiday that deserves special recognition – even if it is a day late! :-)

In honor of National Polka Dot Day this week’s Grandmother’s Choice block is dedicated to the continuing admiration of the Polka Dot!

Parasols and PR

Parasols and PR

Along with my Polka Dotty Parasol I’ve also completed one more Postcard Cuties for Winter block this week:

Postcard-Cuties-Block-9I’ve got 3 more to go!  You know, this whole quilt is only 36″ square – these really are tiny little guys!

This afternoon I’m quilting a wall hanging and a table runner as well as working on binding for the Desert Sky quilt.  Pictures to be posted soon!

Have a great day, y’all!

Multi-tasking into the New Year

For the last few days I’ve been working on a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing from one thing to the next!  Along with all the wonderful time spent with family and friends, putting all the Christmas decorations away and hitting the gym a few times since Christmas to work off all those treats, I’ve also worked on various quilt projects.

Post Card Cuties for Winter (by Bunny Hill Designs) – two more blocks are complete and one ready for hand work.  Here are the two completed cuties:


Post Card Cutie Block 7

Post Card Cutie Block 8

Post Card Cutie Block 8

Grandmother’s Choice – Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice blog continues to be a very favorite.  Each Saturday morning the first thing I do is check her blog to see what the next block will be and to read a bit more about the history of women’s rights. And I love the bright, springy, happy fabric I’m using: Good Fortune by Kate Spain.Here is this week’s block called Cheyenne:

18. Cheyenne

And last but not least - Carol Doak’s Mystery Block of the Month.  Carol has already given us the January block called Arrow Star:

Arrow Star

The Carol Doak Mystery Block of the Month is available for free through her Yahoo Group.

Resolutions! I have two New Year’s resolutions related to quilting.  One is to practice free motion quilting weekly.  I’ve taken the class, have practice material and I have all the right tools but I never seem to find the time to practice.  The second resolution is to only buy new fabric if it has a specific project.  No more buying because I think it is simply beautiful.  If it is that pretty, I’d better have a well thought out plan to use it!  I’d like to make really good use of all the gorgeous stash I have in boxes, bins and bags throughout my studio!

So do you have any quilting New Year’s resolutions?  If so, please share!

And Happy New Year, y’all!

More Postcard Cuties

It is always nice to have a Christmas project to work on during those rare free moments leading up to Christmas.  I’ve been working on my Postcard Cuties For Winter!The hand applique and embroidery along with cute buttons and embellishments are making this a fun project.

Here is Block 4 – I’m not too happy with the snowman garland at the bottom.  They look sort of mean :-(.  It may be a do-over.  But I love the snowman in the moon!

Postcard-Cuties-Block-4Block 5 – the pattern has you place the snowman left of center and use the right side of the block for some special quilting.

Postcard-Cuties-Block-5This afternoon I finished an easy Block 6:

Postcard-Cuties-Block-6The last time I posted pictures of my Postcard Cutie progress I wondered if I should outline the white snowmen on the cream background. With input from y’all I have outlined them with a single strand of black floss and I think they really do stand out much better!  Thanks for your help!

I’ve put Block 7 together and am ready to start the applique this evening.  Now, I know I won’t have these done before Christmas but they sure put me in the spirit and I’ll have this cute quilt to hang next Christmas!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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