Grandmother’s Choice Quilt Top

Today I finished the Grandmother’s Choice Quilt top! 🙂

This has been a great project and I want to thank Barbara Brackman for her Grandmother’s Choice blog.  Every Saturday morning for a year she gave us an awesome quilt block and some very interesting history on the women’s suffragette movement.  I will miss those Saturday morning posts!

Here is my Grandmother’s Choice Quilt:

Grandmother's-Choice-FinishI had planned on an inner border and outer border but I like it just as it is.  With all the bright fabrics it is pretty wild and crazy – containing them in one fabric seemed to settle the quilt down and make it more palatable (can a quilt be palatable?).  So I nixed the borders; I’ll use that fabric on the back.

I was very pleased with the way the center block became a focal point for the quilt.  It is the only block in which I used the purple dragon fly fabric as the background.


New quilt projects are looming on the horizon, but my next goal is to finish the Case of the Secret Garden Inkling Quilt. All the blocks have been stitched (by hand!) and I’m ready to start putting this puppy together!

Have a great week, y’all!

Done, Done, Done and Almost Done!!!

I’ve been finishing up on projects right and left in the last few days!

I have a couple of quilts that will be in the Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show (August 20-22).  The quilting, binding, sleeves and labels are done!

Here is Tranquility Blue:

Ready-for-ShowThe quilting was done by Susan Corbett.  I think it’s gorgeous!  I did have to wash the quilt to get rid of the special thread used in the Trapunto.  This really made me nervous but it all just poofed up fine:

Quilting DoneI will also have my TCU Retirement Quilt in the show.  This quilt has such special meaning to me.  My quilting friends and co-workers made all these blocks for me and surprised me big time at my retirement party!

Ready-for-ShowThis week I also got out a half done frustrating project: The Jelly Roll Basket.  I took a great class in July with Pam Barr at TVQG. You take a jelly roll, add some long strips of batting and make these really cool looking baskets.

Show-and-Tell---Pam's-baskeEveryone’s basket was so cute, except mine.  It was a total flop.  Literally, a flop.  I could never get the darn thing to turn the corner and go up.  The more I stitched the bigger and floppier it got.

So I put it away for a few weeks (months maybe).  Then I had the idea that I would start from the other end of the cording I had created and try it again from the beginning.  If it turned the corner and went up like a basket should, then great.  If not, then I’d trash the whole thing.

Well, it worked the second time around.  Floppy basket on the right was disassembled as the good basket rose upward as it should.  Believe me, all those zigzag stitches made quite a mess as I ripped them out.

undoing-flat-basketBut I’m so pleased with the final product!

Finished-BasketNow I can move onward and work on finishing up a few more lingering projects.

Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week is up on the design wall:

GMC-on-Design-WallI will arrange and rearrange for a few days.  Then sashing and borders.

Sashing-and-border-fabricThe purple dragon fly fabric will be sashing.  The turquoise with orange dragon flies will be the inner border and the purple big flowers will be a larger outer boarder.  The blocks are so bright and crazy, I’m trying to use the sashing and borders to calm it down a bit.  Hope it works!

So I’m done, done, done and almost done!  Have a great Labor Day y’all!

The Last Grandmother’s Choice Block

Sadly, this is the last week of the Grandmother’s Choice block of the week.  Boohoo! It has been so much fun; I will miss each Saturday morning post and sharing the block with  the Grandmother’s Choice Flickr group.  But now I have 49 super cute blocks to start playing with on the design wall.

The final block is called An Arc: Bending Towards Justice and reminds us that the fight for women’s rights goes on.  The block is a variation of a fan block so my fan fabric seemed most appropriate.  Here is my version of An Arc:

49-An-ArcIt is also August already – had you noticed?  So here is the August Dixie Diary block of the month. It is called Confederate Silver and was an easy squeezy block:

DD8---Confederate-SilverIt’s a super hot day here in North Texas – a nice day to stay inside and sew!

Have a great week, y’all!

A Month of Grandmothers

With lots of travel and visiting family, I got way behind on the Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week blocks.  But over the last few days I’ve snuck up to the sewing room for a bit of stitching.  Here is a month of Grandmother’s Choice blocks:

Week 45 – Aunt Mary’s Favorite. 

45-Aunt-Mary's-FavoriteAunt Mary’s Favorite is one of my favorites – a fun and easy block made more dynamic with cool chevrons.

Week 46 – Barrister’s Block

46-Barrister's-BlockI loved making the mirror image in this block with the same fabric in different colorways.

47 – Heroine’s Crown

47-Heroine's-CrownUgh!  My hand applique stinks on this one.  It may be a ‘do-over’.

48 – Fair Play

48-Fair-PlayI hand pieced the curves on this.  Reminds me of all the Inklingo stitching I still have to go on the Case of the Secret Garden quilt.  Inklingo would have made this a LOT easier!

I’ve also completed the Civil War Dixie Diaries block of the month for July.  Dixie Diary Month 7 – Living off Cornbread:

DD7---Living-Off-CornbreadSo now my BOW’s and BOM’s are all caught up.  What should I work on next?

  • Binding, sleeves and labels for quilt show quilts.
  • Case of the Secret Garden – only 15 more hand stitching block before I can put this puppy together.
  • Quilt the Kimono Quilt wall hanging.
  • Fabric basket – looks floppy, I might start over.
  • Exchange blocks for my bee – one done, seven to go – eeek!
  • Just Takes 2 – purple and white quilt.
  • Dr. Seuss quilt for Mikey – not even started, need to research pattern ideas.
  • And so on and so on and so on…..

Have a great week y’all!


Grandmother’s Choice – Creativity Amongst the Chaos

I’ve been super duper busy these days with non-quilting stuff but have had a few minutes to work on the latest Grandmother’s Choice blocks.  It can be so rewarding to take those few extra minutes to be creative in the midst of chaos!  And after we take that break, we can carry on with a bit more calm and a bit less stress.

So last week the block to the week was Cats and Mice. Be sure to read Barbara Brackman’s blog for the sad history of the hungry strikes held by women suffragette prisoners.  Here is my Cats and Mice block:

42-Cats-&-MiceThere may not be any cat’s or mice in that background fabric, but I love the owls, squirrels and birds!

The Week 43 block is called Gentlemen’s Fancy.  I got a little fancy with the fans in my Fancy! 🙂

43-Gentleman's-FancyThe Grandmother’s Choice Flickr group continues to show us gorgeous versions of these blocks along with lots of encouragement and fun comments.

Tomorrow is Bee Day and since I have a boat load of fresh blackberries from the garden,  I’m going to bake a blackberry cobbler to share.  I have two recipes – one light and one not.  Which one should I do for the bee ladies?  I’m thinking the “not light” version…

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