Christmas Party – JSS Style!

Last week the JSS Bee had their annual Christmas party extravaganza!

Peggy was our gracious hostess and we thank you for having us.  Your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas!  I love that you finished your Christmas mat for your tray from Houston!  Davene and I have some work to do to catch up!

We had so many activities for the day, including laughing, eating, show and tell, block exchanges, and same fabric challenge.  I have a bazillion pictures – so lets see if we can make these make sense!  Now be sure to click on each picture to see it fully – then click the back button on your browser to return to the page.

Pictures of our friends!

Show and Tell – we started and stopped show and tell several times to fit in some other activities.  But I tried to show all the pictures in one bunch:

Block Exchange – last January (or maybe it was February) we planned out what blocks we each wanted and how many – then agreed to make that many blocks for others participating.  As usual there was some simple blocks to make and some not so simple blocks (the not so simple blocks were whine/wine blocks).  Peggy was responsible for the whine/wine blocks this year! 😉

Same Fabric Challenge – this year Kay volunteered to organize the Same Fabric Challenge – we each purchased a yard of some fabric (unknown at the time) and then during the year made something quilty out of it.

My goodness!  I sure hope I got a picture everyone’s awesome work posted.  I am honored to be surrounded by such talented loving friends!

Merry Christmas to all y’all!


JSS January Bee

Our bee day was last Thursday and Thursday was the last day of the TVQG Retreat!  So Annelle and I drove straight from retreat up at Lake Texoma to bee at Peggy’s house. When we arrived everyone was very seriously discussing the Block Exchange.

Block-Exchange-discussionBut soon Judy and Sally and maybe a few others disappeared to divvy up the blocks.  So I took the opportunity to explore Peggy’s quilt studio.  It is upstairs a lot like mine but it has this great big beautiful window!  (Dear Santa, can I have one of these for Christmas?)

Peggy's-windowLook at the cute doll on the stairs!  Maybe I should have been looking at the stairs and not the doll – just sayin’!

A-sweet-doll-embroiders-on-Soon the block exchange gals were back and we all got a cute bag with our blocks.  This time I’m only doing 4 and they all seem fun and relatively doable.  But I think dear sweet Lynda was not feeling so dear and sweet when she saw some of her blocks!

Lynda-in-shock-with-blocksFrom what I understand there are some true challenges in this batch – something about an “heirloom out of a feed bag.”  Can’t wait to see that one!

After lunch (with some super yummy soup and lots of salads, cookies, and such) we commenced with show and tell.

Dede was up first.  Isn’t she pretty?

DedeAnd isn’t her orchid applique pretty too?

Dede's-show-and-tellKaren brought this very cool quilt.  Are those hearts or chevrons?  The pattern construction was very unique.  I never got to see the name of the pattern.  Maybe Karen can share that in the comments.

Karen's-show-and-tellSally brought several quilts to share.  This one was a top constructed by her great grandmother and she just had Dede quilt it.  Sally remembers some of the fabrics used in the quilt.

Sally's-show-and-tellSally also created this cute little Valentine quilt to hang on her desk to hide her cords and cables.

Sally's-valentine-show-and-Here’s a close up:

Sally's-valentine-close-upSally has been busy!  Here is a baby quilt for a new grandbaby coming soon (he was known as Tie-Breaker but now known as Ian).

Sally's-tie-breaker-show-anJules brought this fabulous 3-D quilt.  I love this pattern!

Jule's-3-d-quilt-show-and-tJules also brought this beautiful woolly table runner:

Jule's-wooly-applique-show-And, busy as a bee, Jules is now working on this bright and challenging project!

Jule's-bright-show-and-tellPatt brought this finished quilt made for her granddaughter (?).  Love the neutrals!

Patt's-show-and-tellAnnelle finished this stellar space crystal up at retreat!

Annelle's-space-crystal-shoAnd Suz brought this super cute, super pink baby quilt!  Love it!

Suz's-baby-quiltPatti had a baby quilt too!  Super cute, super easy panel quilt!

Patti's-panel-baby-quiltI brought two show and tells, but my pictures are from retreat.  First up is a quilt made up from the blocks received in the last two years of JSS block exchanges:

my-block-exchange-show-and-Notice, this was retreat PJ day and I was still wearing my purple slippers!

At retreat I also worked on my pineapple quilt – not quite finished, but showed it off anyway!

my-pineapple-show-and-tellLook at these big bright hexagon blocks in Cindy’s show and tell.  Looks like a wonderful summer quilt!

Cindy's-show-and-tellMona brought this giant project of a quilt she has finished for a client.  She’s behind there somewhere! Great work Mona!

Mona's-show-and-tellLast but not least – Peggy (our most gracious hostess) showed us her Sue Spargo wool project.  Each and every one of these blocks is a feast for the eyes!  So much detail and exquisite stitching!

Peggy's-sue-spargo-woolly-sI love bee day and any day I can spend with some of the most wonderful ladies in the world – like this beautiful lady, Suz.

SuzNow next bee day in February will be a real treat – a Trash to Treasure Exchange!  JSS’ers – bee there or bee square!

JSS Christmas Party – Part 1

OK, y’all, I took a bajillion pictures during our most fabulous Christmas party last week.  So, rather than post them all in one blog, I need to spread them out over 2 or 3 blogs. So here goes …

First up… Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sally for hostessing a wonderful party!  So much fun and laughter!  And as Annelle says “We will never see flamingos the same again!”

Sally-and-her-flamingosThere was lots of great food so there was lots of fun time visiting in the kitchen!

Visiting-in-the-kitchenAfter the food and conversation, there were three major items on the agenda.  Block exchange, show and tell and, last but not least, the pin cushion Chinese auction exchange.

Block Exchange

Bags were setup in Sally’s guest room so everyone participating could slip the blocks they made for each other into the appropriate bags.

Exchange-Block-BagsJudy gave everyone (even those not in the block exchange) a slip of paper with an interesting question and a number.  Some of the questions were “What is your favorite quilting tool?” or “What’s your favorite block?” or “Tell us about an interesting quilt shop” or “What’s your favorite cookie?” …  I know the answer to that one – me!

So first up was Sally!  She answered her question and then got to open up her blocks.

Sally-with-her-blocksLinda J followed up and got these beautiful heart blocks.Linda-J-with-her-blocksJan wasn’t a participant in the block exchange but had a fun time describing her favorite quilting tool – her whacker (aka rotary cutter).

Jan-with-no-blocksPeggy got some very pretty red and white blocks.  I think she looks happy!

Peggy-with-her-blocksAs our newest newby Annelle didn’t do the block exchange but after answering her question, she pretended she was Nancy and opened hers…

Annelle-with-no-blocksAnnelle-opens-Nancy's-blockThen it was my turn… I don’t have a picture of my blocks from the party (since I was taking the pictures) so here they are up on my design wall.  I also have 8 from last year’s block exchange so this is going to be a wonderful quilt.  Thank you to everyone who made me a block!  I cherish each and every one of them!

My-block-exchange-blocksWe had several ask for these wonderful house blocks.  Here is Karen with her blocks.  I made one and I love the pattern.  This may be fun to do next year!

Karen-with-her-blocksGloria was up next to answer one of the questions…

Gloria-reads-her-questionAnd then Barb answered her question…

Barb-with-no-blocks-but-newLanelle was up next with her question “what’s your favorite cookie?”  She knew the correct answer right off the bat!

LanelleMadelyn somehow turned her requested 5 blocks into 20!  Pretty cool… I’ll have to remember that trick next year too!

Madelyn-with-her-blocksDavene went from requesting the most difficult block in the world last year (which resulted in her divine Mea Culpa quilt) to the easiest block this year.  Thank you Davene!

Davene-with-her-blocksDede with no blocks but a question to answer and a surprise … Pam!!!


Suz will eventually collect enough of these cute spool blocks to make a wonderful quilt!

Suz-with-her-blocksLynda requested Civil War blocks.  She might want to share that spool block with Suz! 🙂

Lynda-with-her-blocksSue Gallo wasn’t in on the block exchange but answered her question and was greatly admired for her fabulous taste in boots!

Sue-Gallo-with-no-blocksThen Sue substituted in for the missing Marianne – opening up her blocks:

Sue-opens-Marianne's-blocksJules very descriptively answering her question …

JulianaPatti was thrilled with her Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I did one of these and it was so much fun!

Patti-with-her-blocksSue H. was one of the house block girls…aren’t they pretty?

Sue-H-with-her-blocksNewby Judy with her question to answer…

She was followed by Lynn … who, like Madelyn, worked magic to make 14 blocks out of 7.  Y’all are tricky!

Lynns-blocksConnie was up next … yes, the California gals were there!!!

Connie-answers-her-questionAnd here’s Lala (aka Linda)…

Lala-laughingLala participated long distance and asked for New Year’s Eve blocks.

Lala-with-her-blocksCindy up next to answer her question and questions about her upcoming move to the Houston area.  She must come back once a month for bee day (and to see her grand kids)!

Cindy-with-her-questionMona asked for these really cool blocks:

Mona-with-her-blocksLast but not least in the block exchange was Judy.  Love these baskets!  I have this pattern too.  Maybe I should do baskets next year instead of houses. Hmmmm…

Judy-with-her-blocksThat takes care of the block exchange.  I think it was time for lunch!

Show and tell and the pin cushion exchange will be coming soon ….

JSS Christmas Bee Day – Part 2

This post is all about the Show and Tell from our Christmas Bee day last week.  During our big block exchange we would occasionally get carried away with chatter, laughter,  food and Facetime with Barb and Pam in Alaska!

Facetime-with-Pam-and-BarbSo of course we just had to take a break and show off a bit!

Sue Gallo showed us her quilt for the Cancer Center.  I know that this will be truly appreciated by many patients!

Sue-Gallo-Show-and-Tell---CWe were all thrilled to see Judy’s quilt top made from blocks received during last year’s exchange!

Judy-with-last-year's-blockTone-on-tone with lots of bling!  Love it!

Patti (still Facetiming) showed us a quilt received from a bee brown bag exchange from a few years ago.

Patti-with-brown-bag-quiltMadelyn brought her Black and White and Red All Over quilt (what’s the joke?  What’s black and white and red all over – a sunburned zebra).


We went back to the block exchange for a while and then back to show and tell – interspersing show and tell throughout the afternoon – it was wonderful!

Dede showed off some of her glorious quilting in this little gem:

Dede-shows-her-beautiful-quAnd this pretty quilt:

Dede-with-another-beautifulSoon Judy brought out some more quilts to show:

Judy's-show-and-tell-quiltsAnd a quilt she made from fabric purchased in Maui with her granddaughter.  Isn’t this wonderful?

Judy---another-show-and-telJudy, we are going to Maui early next year!  I need the name of that shop!

Karen had been working on the silhouette quilt during retreat in October.  It turned out just great!

Karen's-show-and-tellCindy brought this gorgeous block of the month quilt.  I love the colors!

Cindy's-show-and-tellLynn brought three beautiful Christmas quilts.  I suspect these are for some very lucky loved ones!

Lynn's-first-show-and-tell Lynn-with-another-christmas Lynn-with-a-third-christmasSally brought her beautiful Christmas wall hanging complete with embroidery and some awesome Inklingo blocks!  I love this quilt!

Sally's-Christmas-show-and-Davene (sporting Dede’s Christmas spirit hat) with her happy blue stars:

Davene-with-happy-blue-starDede was sitting on a chair on which this awesome crazy quilt was displayed.  So of course, we insisted she show it!

Dede-with-crazy-quiltLinda brought her applique Christmas quilt.  She told us how it documents her progression with her applique skills from the first block in the upper left to the most recent in the lower right.  It’s always nice to see how we’ve improved and this is such a beautiful quilt too!

Linda-Jacobson's-christmas-And one final Christmas show and tell from Linda:Linda-J-with-another-christSo, now you know why we had to have two whole blogs to show all the fun and spirit of love from the JSS Christmas Bee Day!

Merry Christmas, y’all!


JSS Christmas Party – Block Exchange

The JSS Christmas Party was the culmination of our Block Exchange.  Way back last February we had a fabulous Bee Day at Kay’s house (Let It Bee) and the Block Exchange commenced.

The Block Exchange “rules” were proposed by Judy during the January Bee Day:  Ask for as many blocks as you are also willing to make.  So if I want 12 blocks back, I will need to make 12 blocks for others in the exchange.  And if life looks busy over the next year, you can request 3 blocks and only make 3 blocks!  We have forms to fill out for each block (if you want 12 blocks, fill it out 12 times) with information on size, theme, color, etc.  We can be as detailed as we want (or not) and we can include fabric (or not).

So … on with the show!  First up was Nancy.

Block-Exchange---NancyNancy’s block theme was Americana and she had a couple of different blocks requested.  She wisely used paint samples from the hardware store as color suggestions.  I would like to say that we are all sending special virtual hugs out to our very dear Nancy – we love you, girl!

Peggy was very smart!  She used a Block of the Month that she had purchased but never assembled.  Very wise use of a UFO!

Block-Exchange---PeggyTracey’s Block Exchange was teapots.  Aren’t they just simply gorgeous?  Can’t wait to see the quilt!

Block-Exchange---TraceyFrom teapots to flower pots – look at these cuties that Kay received.Block-Exchange---KayThese are so adorable I had to get a close-up:

Block-Exchange---Kay's-flowDori, who came to us all the way from …., uh, I’m not sure!  But from far, far away!  Anyways, Dori’s exchange included blocks (big blocks) and some long strips of sashing or borders.  This quilt is practically done!  And beautiful too!

Block-Exchange---DorryDon’t you just love Patti’s cute umbrellas?  Bright and cheerful for a rainy day!

Block-Exchange---PattyThe Block Exchange had quite a riveted audience.  Here Judy with her daughter Sherri and grandchildren enjoyed watching all the awesome blocks unfold.Judy-with-Sherry-and-GrandsBarb was next up with red and white blocks.  She has plans for a very pretty red and white table topper she can pull out for Christmas, Valentines or whenever the color red speaks to her 😉 .

Block-Exchange---BarbI’m afraid I didn’t get a very good picture of LaLa’s coffee cups, however you can spot a few of them behind Sue and LaLa when Sue shared her thoughts on the awesomeness of LaLa.  But I bet you a nickle, Barb, my fellow blogger will have a stunning picture of these blocks…

JSS-Sharing---Sue-with-LaLaAt some  point in time during the block exchange I received my blocks – the theme was Red or White or Pink or Cream Hearts – “Whatever your heart desires.”  Of course, I didn’t exactly get a picture of them during the party, so I got to play with the design a bit and snapped this picture today:

Block-Exchange---My-Heart-B Aren’t they wonderful!  Thank you all!!!

I love all these themes!  Sue had a basket theme – how fun are they?

Block-Exchange---Sue-HSuz was into spools made from Kaffe Fassett fabric. This should be a super cute wall hanging for her sewing room, don’t you think?

Block-Exchange---SuzPatty (with a y, not an i – or is it the other way around?) has black and white blocks.  We are all so glad the California Girls came!

Block-Exchange---PattiKaren has all these amazing batik maple leaf blocks!  These were big blocks – each is made up of 4 maple leafs. I love the variety of fabrics!  Good plan Karen!

Block-Exchange---KarenCindy’s choice for the Block Exchange was this very bright and pretty block.  This will be a stunning quilt!Block-Exchange---CindyMadelyn’s request was for dark blue and white

Block-Exchange---MadelynPam was into umbrellas like Patti.  Do you think they shared the pattern?  I think so!  Very cute idea!

Block-Exchange---PamI have no idea whose blocks these are.  Does anyone recognize the hand?  I shall call her the Mystery JSSer and she has these nine patch blocks with a wonderful purple (I love purple) tying them all together.

Block-Exchange---Mystery-WoOur sweet Sally was up next with Red and White blocks.  This will certainly make a stunning quilt.  And I just love the hat, Sally!

Block-Exchange---SallyJudy asked for Buttons and Bling on natural, neutral and tone-on-tones.  Each block is simply wonderful!  I think she is going to have a beautiful quilt!

Block-Exchange---JudyLast but not certainly not least, was Lynn’s crazy patch wool blocks.  The wool Lynn supplied was from skirts, jackets and other clothing worn long, long ago.  As she opened the blocks, she would make comments like “Oh, I remember this plaid, it was a skirt I wore in high school!”.  What a wonderful way to recycle! And what a fun and cozy quilt this will make!

Block-Exchange---LynnSo, that was the Great JSS Block Exchange of 2013.  We all had so much fun putting blocks together for each other, knowing who was going to receive each one.  This will be hard to top, but I wonder what we will have in store for 2014?

Merry Christmas, y’all!  Have a safe and happy holiday!

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