Finished Projects and WIP Projects

I actually finished a project this week!  Yay!!!  It is a little wool Pumpkin Candle Mat from a pattern published by Primitive Gatherings:

pumpkin-table-matThe size is about 18″ across.  It looks great on my big leather ottoman in the living room adorned with a candle and, yes, that is a lizard climbing through the pumpkin vines:

pumpkin-candle-mat-with-lizI loved working with the wool and I am ready to start on another one!

And I took this Christmas quilt to the long arm quilter last week!  Can you believe that?  I hope to have this pretty plaid quilt on my bed by the holidays!

Mad-About-Plaid-Christmas-QIt came from a book called Mad about Plaid by Teri Christopherson.

Another almost completed project is the Carol Doak Scrap Scramble:

Scrap-ScrambleI want to add some borders – a small red inner border and then a piano key outer border made up of all the fabrics used in this scrappy paper pieced project.  I don’t have enough of the red Aunt Grace 1930’s reproduction fabric for the inner border, so I’m stuck until I find that.

While I’m at the keyboard (computer keyboard, not piano keyboard) I may as well update you with my blocks of the months and weeks.

The Austen Family Album block of the week from Barbara Brackman’s blog is up to week 23 so I have three I haven’t shared yet.  Here is week 21, called West Wind:

Block-21-West-WindWeek 22 is Friendship.  This was a good block to use my red swirly stripe – I don’t have much left!

block-22-FriendshipAnd finally, block 23 is Old Maid’s Puzzle.  If you look at the layout of this block on the blog and on the Flickr group web site there were several different interpretations of this block.  You can see that I took it in a whole different direction than everyone else!

Block-23---Old-Maid's-PuzzlThreads of Memory block of the month.  This is block 8 called Jacksonville Star:

Threads-of-Memory-8---JacksI tried real hard to line up all that background fabric!

Last but not least is Le Jardin block of the month.  This is block 5 – this block was one of the reasons I signed up for this block of the month!


Eventually I will embroider a red clothes line across the top, but it continues on into the next block with little birds holding the line. How cute is that!?!

I’ve mention this before, but next week is the Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild show (September 19th and 20th) at the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall in the Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth, Texas.  Y’all need to come!  I’ll see you there!

Blocks Blog

I really have been keeping up with my blocks of the month and the week, but I haven’t been keeping up with blogging about them!  I will do better, I promise!  But here they are all of July and half of August:

Austen Family Album – Barbara Brackman’s block of the week blog gives us a free block every week and some wonderful details about Jane Austen’s life and times.  I have six blocks finished that I have yet to share.

Block 15 – King’s Crown

Block-15-King's-CrownBlock 16 – Lucky Pieces

Block-16---Lucky-PiecesBlock 17 – Waterwheel

Block-17-WaterwheelBlock 18 – Indian Star

Block-18---Indian-StarBlock 19 – Cross Patch

Block-19---Cross-PatchAnd Block 20 – Best Friends

Block-20---Best-FriendsThe fabric I’m using is called Modernism designed by Barbara Brackman.  The flowers and stripes certainly lend themselves to some fun fussy cutting!  There are 16 more blocks in the series; I sure hope I have enough fabric!

Threads of Memory – another Barbara Brackman freebie – this one is a Civil War block of the month.  I only have one to share – Block 7 – Oberlin Star.

Threads-of-Memory-7---OberlCarol Doak’s Scrap Scramble – August is the last month for this paper piecing project.  In September the instructions for finishing the quilt will be supplied.  Here are my August Scrap Scramble blocks:

AugustI’m looking forward to putting these together!

Last but not least is block 4 of the Le Jardin block of the month:

Block-4These blocks are so pretty but very time consuming!  I need to get cracking on block 5!

So those are all my blocks to share – I started a fun and easy Christmas quilt yesterday.  I hope to have it ready for show and tell very soon!

Have a GREAT day, y’all!


BOMs Away!

Blocks!  I’ve got lots of blocks!  Blocks of the week, blocks of the month and even an itty bitty miniature quilt with 2″ blocks!

Let’s start with the Austen Family Album block of the week. The patterns can be found on Barbara Brackman’s Austen Family Album blog.  Each week information about Jane Austen, her family and England during her era are presented.  The history associated with each block is fascinating, be sure to check it out!

Here is block 10 – called Good Fortune.  I’m loving this swirly stripped fabric and am using it every chance I get.

Block-10---Good-FortuneBlock 11 is Friendship Square.  This block lends itself to some fussy cutting.

Block-11---Friendship-SquarBy the way – the fabric line I am using is called Modernism, by Barbara Brackman.

Block 12 is Waves of the Sea.

Block-12-Waves-of-the-SeaHere is block 13 – Crosses and Losses.

Block-13-Crosses-&-LossesAnd finally, today’s block is called Home Comfort. I went for the swirly stripe and fussy cutting on this one!

Block-14-Home-ComfortI have three blocks of the month going.

Barrbara Brackman’s Threads of Memory Block of the Month patterns can be found on her Civil War Quilts Blog.  This is block 6 and is called Salem Star.  Once again, I went a little nuts with the fussy cutting, but love how this block turned out.

Threads-of-memory-block-6-SNot all my projects are based on Barbara Brackman blogs (just most of them) 🙂 .  I’m also working on the Carol Doak Scrap Scramble block of the month (which can be found at her Yahoo group web site).  Every month there is a paper pieced block (or 2 or 3 or a dozen or so).  Here is July:

JulyFrom paper piecing to hand applique – I’m trying out all kinds of methods with these projects!  Here is block 3 of Le Jardin.

Block-3This puppy was time consuming!

One more show and tell!  A friend gave me a pattern she found on the free table at our guild meeting (thanks Linda Sue!). It was for a paper pieced miniature.  I don’t know what came over me last week, but I was suddenly consumed by this little 13″ x 13″ quilt!  I’m calling it Tiny Tulip Tip Toe:

Tiny-Tulip-Tip-ToeEach flower block is 2″ square and the cornerstone log cabin blocks are 1″ square!   This was a super fun tip toe through the tiny tulips!

I hope you keep cool in this sizzling summer heat!  I know, crank up the AC and pull up a quilt to stitch on! Have a great week y’all!

Post Vacation Catching Up

Last week we rented a beach house in Galveston with our kids, grandkids and dogs. We enjoyed sand, surf, grilling, kite flying, sand castle building, seashell hunting and each other!   A wonderful time was had by all!

This week I’ve been recuperating 🙂 and catching up on all the blocks of the week, blocks of the month, etc. that I’ve fallen behind on.  So… on with the show!

First up, Barbara Brackmans Threads of Memory Block of the Month.  The pattern can be found on Barbara’s Civil War Quilts Blog.  This is the 5th month and the block is called Madison Star commemorating Delia Webster who was active in the underground railroad.  Here is my Madison Star.

Threads-of-Memory-5---MadisI have four weeks of Austen Family Album blocks to share.  This is another Barbara Brackman BOW and the patterns can be found on her Austen Family Album blog.  Each week information about Jane Austen, her family and England during her era are presented.  This is block 6 in the series and is called Empire Star:

Block-6---Empire-StarWeek 7  is called Philadelphia Block:

Block-7---Philadelphia-BlocHere is week 8 – Eliza’s Star.

Block-8---Eliza's-StarAnd the most recent, block 9, is London Roads:

Block-9---London-RoadsAll month, before, during and after our beachy vacation I’ve been working on the Le Jardin hand applique block.  These are NOT quickies!

Block-2And, finally, last but not least, the Carol Doak Scrap Scramble Block of the month (or actually Blocks of the month – as there is almost always more than one block).  I did not realize until I took the photo that these are sailboats!  I probably would have made the light blue less flowery, but I like them anyway!  Crazy flowery sailboats with a flowery sea and sky with puppy dog masts :-).

JuneHopefully I will get back to you with more blogs this month – last month was crazy so you only got one update all month.  Stay tuned and have a great summer!

It’s Raining BOMs and BOWs!

We are having a rare day of rain here in North Texas.  So I’ve taken the dreary day to finish up on the Carol Daok Scrap Scramble for May.  These bright paper pieced flowers will brighten up the sewing studio!

MayAs I was uploading the flower picture, I realized I have several weeks of the Austen Family Album block of the week and a couple of months of the Threads of Memory block of the month that I haven’t blogged about, plus a new hand applique block of the month.  So I’m going to shower you with blocks!

Barbara Brackman’s Austen Family Album blog takes us each week to Jane Austen’s England with history and a free block.  This is block 2 – called Sister’s Choice:

Block-2---Sister's-ChoiceHere is block 3, which was appropriately posted on Easter Sunday.  It is called Cross Within a Cross:

Block-3---Cross-Within-CrosBlock 4 is called Thrifty:

Block-4---ThriftyAnd the most recent is block 5 – Village Square:Block-5---Village-SquareAren’t they fun!  The fabric is called Modernism – by Barbara Brackman herself!

Threads of Memory is a block of the month posted on Barbara Brackman’s Civil War blog.  I have two months of blocks I have not shared with you yet.  Here is New Garden Star which is block 3 in the series:

Threads-of-Memory-3And the 4th, and most recent block, is Canada Star:

Threads-of-Memory-4---CanadAnd, last but not least, a block of the month called Le Jardin by Bunny Hill Designs.  Here is block 1:

Block-1I want to improve my hand applique and I think these cute bunny designs are wonderful motivation!

Now you are all caught up with my on-going projects!  Have a great weekend, y’all!

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