Christmas Party – JSS Style!

Last week the JSS Bee had their annual Christmas party extravaganza!

Peggy was our gracious hostess and we thank you for having us.  Your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas!  I love that you finished your Christmas mat for your tray from Houston!  Davene and I have some work to do to catch up!

We had so many activities for the day, including laughing, eating, show and tell, block exchanges, and same fabric challenge.  I have a bazillion pictures – so lets see if we can make these make sense!  Now be sure to click on each picture to see it fully – then click the back button on your browser to return to the page.

Pictures of our friends!

Show and Tell – we started and stopped show and tell several times to fit in some other activities.  But I tried to show all the pictures in one bunch:

Block Exchange – last January (or maybe it was February) we planned out what blocks we each wanted and how many – then agreed to make that many blocks for others participating.  As usual there was some simple blocks to make and some not so simple blocks (the not so simple blocks were whine/wine blocks).  Peggy was responsible for the whine/wine blocks this year! 😉

Same Fabric Challenge – this year Kay volunteered to organize the Same Fabric Challenge – we each purchased a yard of some fabric (unknown at the time) and then during the year made something quilty out of it.

My goodness!  I sure hope I got a picture everyone’s awesome work posted.  I am honored to be surrounded by such talented loving friends!

Merry Christmas to all y’all!


Merry Christmas, Y’all!

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Christmas Quilts from long ago and very recent.  Each quilt is full of wonderful Christmas memories

My very first quilt ever was a Christmas quilt:

My-First-QuiltThis fun quilt has all kinds of scrap fabrics, including some from my first quilt and even some bluebonnet fabric.  It sits on my dining room table at Christmas!

Dining-Table-TopperI have these fun reindeer in my kitchen.  As my grandson Mikey ate breakfast this morning, he had fun pointing out all the different accessories on each reindeer.

Reindeer-in-the-KitchenWe made Christmas cookies with all the grandchildren yesterday.  Here Mikey and I (covered in flour) are making wonderful memories and tasty cookies:

Christmas-Cookies-with-MikeThis was one of my first hand applique projects.  I had just taken a hand applique class with my step-daughter Joy and I found this pattern at the Houston quilt show.  This was probably 5 or 6 years ago…

Hand-Applique-Tree-Wall-HanI loved doing these snowmen a couple of years ago.  Lots of hand applique, embroidery and button embellishments!

Postcard-Cuties-CompleteMy most recent Christmas quilt – Mad About Plaid Christmas.  I have two very good friends who also made quilts this fall using this pattern.  Each quilt came out very different.  Goes to show, it’s all about fabric selection!

Mad-About-Plaid-Christmas-QIf you’d like to see a bunch more Christmas quilts – Bonnie Hunter is having a Happy Holiday Linky Party – check it out!

Wishing you a happy, memorable, wonderful Christmas!

JSS Christmas Bee Day – Part 2

This post is all about the Show and Tell from our Christmas Bee day last week.  During our big block exchange we would occasionally get carried away with chatter, laughter,  food and Facetime with Barb and Pam in Alaska!

Facetime-with-Pam-and-BarbSo of course we just had to take a break and show off a bit!

Sue Gallo showed us her quilt for the Cancer Center.  I know that this will be truly appreciated by many patients!

Sue-Gallo-Show-and-Tell---CWe were all thrilled to see Judy’s quilt top made from blocks received during last year’s exchange!

Judy-with-last-year's-blockTone-on-tone with lots of bling!  Love it!

Patti (still Facetiming) showed us a quilt received from a bee brown bag exchange from a few years ago.

Patti-with-brown-bag-quiltMadelyn brought her Black and White and Red All Over quilt (what’s the joke?  What’s black and white and red all over – a sunburned zebra).


We went back to the block exchange for a while and then back to show and tell – interspersing show and tell throughout the afternoon – it was wonderful!

Dede showed off some of her glorious quilting in this little gem:

Dede-shows-her-beautiful-quAnd this pretty quilt:

Dede-with-another-beautifulSoon Judy brought out some more quilts to show:

Judy's-show-and-tell-quiltsAnd a quilt she made from fabric purchased in Maui with her granddaughter.  Isn’t this wonderful?

Judy---another-show-and-telJudy, we are going to Maui early next year!  I need the name of that shop!

Karen had been working on the silhouette quilt during retreat in October.  It turned out just great!

Karen's-show-and-tellCindy brought this gorgeous block of the month quilt.  I love the colors!

Cindy's-show-and-tellLynn brought three beautiful Christmas quilts.  I suspect these are for some very lucky loved ones!

Lynn's-first-show-and-tell Lynn-with-another-christmas Lynn-with-a-third-christmasSally brought her beautiful Christmas wall hanging complete with embroidery and some awesome Inklingo blocks!  I love this quilt!

Sally's-Christmas-show-and-Davene (sporting Dede’s Christmas spirit hat) with her happy blue stars:

Davene-with-happy-blue-starDede was sitting on a chair on which this awesome crazy quilt was displayed.  So of course, we insisted she show it!

Dede-with-crazy-quiltLinda brought her applique Christmas quilt.  She told us how it documents her progression with her applique skills from the first block in the upper left to the most recent in the lower right.  It’s always nice to see how we’ve improved and this is such a beautiful quilt too!

Linda-Jacobson's-christmas-And one final Christmas show and tell from Linda:Linda-J-with-another-christSo, now you know why we had to have two whole blogs to show all the fun and spirit of love from the JSS Christmas Bee Day!

Merry Christmas, y’all!


This and That

What do you title a blog post about two grandmother blocks, a cup of snow heads and a tree-climbing dog?  “This and That” seems to work!

I have two blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week Blog to share.  The block from last week is called Jack’s Delight.

22-Jacks-DelightI’m not really delighted with it – I think I chose fabrics that are way too busy – but I shared it on the Flickr Grandmother’s Choice site and got a lot of positive feedback.

I am much happier with the block from this week, called Girl’s Joy:

23-Girls-JoyI’m still working on the Postcard Cuties For Winter quilt and have another snowman block done – actually a cup of snow heads:

Postcard-cuties-block-10Two more blocks to go – I may be finished with this by next Christmas!

And finally – my tree-climbing dog Molly!  She found herself interested in something on the other side of the fence so…

Molly-climbs-a-treeup she went!  What does she think she is, a cat?  No, she’s all dog and she could easily jump over that fence but she knows she’s not supposed to.  However, nobody ever told her she shouldn’t climb the tree to get over.  But then she seems to have second thoughts…

Molly-up-a-treeShe’s on the Wall of Good Dog!

So that is “This and That” here at Cookie’s Creek!  Have a great day y’all!

Christmas Quilts

I would like to share with you some of the Christmas quilts I have displayed around the house.

My very first quilt was was a Christmas Irish Chain Lap Quilt – created in 2002.

I have Reindeer in my kitchen:

With a matching table runner:

Before I became a quilt addict I loved to do counted cross stitch.  The cross stitch on this wall hanging was stitched on a road trip to Arizona years ago:

Last year I paper pieced this tree skirt for the small grandchild-friendly tree we have in the living room.  What’s wrong with this quilt?  I haven’t quilted it yet!  It’s on the to-do list but I still wanted to use it.

You might notice on the tree above a couple of counted cross stitch ornaments – soft, unbreakable and grandchild-friendly.

This is a much larger tree skirt and is under the big tree in the dining room window.  Beautiful fabric but a very difficult pattern made this a love/hate project. I had never done a Y-seams or applique when I made this tree skirt.

I love this table topper quilt below.  It is very scrappy and many of the blue fabrics can be seen in the Orca Bay Blue String Blocks.  I love all the buttons too (although you have to watch where you set down your wine glass ;-)).

Last, but not least, is this hand applique Christmas Tree wall hanging made last year:

It is such fun to decorate the house with the memories each of these quilts brings to me each year.  I hope you are enjoying all the blessings of this season and are making new wonderful memories!

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