Lots and Lots of Blocks!

I’ve been a bit laid up with an injured foot (do not drop a food processor blade on your foot, just sayin’).  So I’ve been working on lots and lots of blocks.  I thought I’d share them with you…

I’ve caught up on Stars in a Time Warp!  Check Barbara Brackman’s blog for details on these different types of fabrics. Here are several weeks worth:

Week 24 – Fancy Machine Grounds

24-Fancy-Machine-GroundsWeek 25 – Wood Block Prints

25-Wood-Block-PrintsWeek 26 – Pillar Print (yes, this is Kaffe Fassett fabric, not even close to Civil War reproduction fabric, but it was the only thing close to a print with pillars 😉 ).

26-Pillar-PrintWeek 27 – Aborescent Chintz’s

27--arborsecent-chintzesWeek 28 – Early Indigo

28-Early-IndigoWeek 29 – Lapis Blue (my new favorite block).

29---Lapis-BlueWeek 30 – Floral Trails

30-Floral-TrailsWeek 31 – Toiles (I used a Toile background in week 29, luckily I have more Toile).

31---ToilesHere are weeks 1 through 30:

weeks-1-thru-30I think this will make a nice scrappy quilt by the end of the year!

I’ve worked on Just Takes 2 some more.  My goodness this is a big project.  Several blocks below and several dozen to go!

Blocks 61, 62 and 63 – circles are hard!

JT2-Blocks-61,-62,-63Block 64 – Lucky Star

JT2-block-64Block 65 – Fools Puzzle

JT2---block-65-Fools-PuzzleBlocks 66 and 67Flying Geese and Soloman’s Star

JT2---blocks-66-and-67Block 68 – King’s Crown

JT2---block-68Block 69 – Star (one of the easy ones – same star, same size as all those Star’s in a Time Warp above).

JT2---block-69And I’ve finished the last Spring Blooms basket block:

Block-13There are some tiny corner stone baskets (the handle is the only applique), some setting triangles and corner triangles that have leaves to be appliqued.  I’ve prepared all these using the starch method (check out P3 Designs for tips and techniques on the starch method).  We are traveling next week so I’m ready for some airplane applique. 😉

So there you go, lots and lots of blocks!  One of these days these will be finished quilts – just taking one block at a time!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along – My Week 2

This is my second week on the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Along.  The official Quilt Along on Flickr is on week 11.  The challenge is to create 2 blocks every week from The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book (by Laurie Aaron Hird).   I am playing catch up so I am trying to piece 5 blocks a week.

As I mentioned in last weeks FWQA blog I am working on the blocks sequentially.  Last week I created on blocks 1 through 5 and this week blocks 6 through 10.

For the most part, I paper pieced the blocks using the foundation piecing patterns from the Farmers Wife Sampler Yahoo Group.  The only block I did not paper piece this week the Bowtie block.  I just recently created a quilt for Grandpa Joe made entirely of bowtie blocks – so I was very comfortable with the block.

Here are close-ups of each block:

Big Dipper

Birds in the Air




The fabric I am using is mostly Aunt Grace from Moda plus miscellaneous stash fabric.

I was surprised to see a few blocks that have also been part of the Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Block of the Week.  The Bouquet block pictured above was last week’s block on the Civil War Block of the week, however, it was called Carolina Lily.  You can see my Civil War version here.  The Civil War version of the Birds in the Air was 1/4th of the Farmer’s Wife Birds in the Air – quite a bit easier without all those teeny weeny triangles!

I love seeing all the new blocks, like the Box block, as I work through projects like the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along and the Civil War Block of the week.  I certainly learn a lot as I go!

Civil War Quilt Block – Week 28 Next Door Neighbor Block

I have been following the Civil War Quilt Block of the Week on Barbara Brackman’s blog.  This week’s block is called Next Door Neighbor.  In the blog it is suggested that “the more fabrics … the better.”  I took that too heart but am not entirely happy with the results.  Way too busy for my taste and I messed up some of the points.  Here is my wild and crazy Next Door Neighbor:

This may be a do-over but before I do that I have a list of other sewing projects this weekend:

  • Finishing up Grandpa Joe’s 90th Birthday Bowtie quilt and get it in the mail.
  • Make bunches and bunches of Aunt Grace 4 patch blocks for a guild project – due Friday at guild meeting.
  • Make grandson Mikey a superman cape – we will see him next weekend and his current passion is superman so I think he needs a cape.

So, if I can get all that done, I may make a nicer Next Door Neighbor.  First, though, I will check out the Civil War Quilt Flickr group to get some ideas.

Have a great Saturday!

Civil War Quilt – Block of the Week

This week the Civil War Block of the Week on Barbara Brackman’s blog is the Irish Chain block.  I  love love love the Irish Chain block!

I made this week’s block with fabrics from Moda called Neesha by Sentimental Studios.  I have been using these fabrics through most of the project.  Here is the Irish Chain block:

My very first quilt ever (made in December 2002) was a Christmas Irish Chain quilt.  I dug it out and put it out on the lawn to snap a picture.  Of course, Rascal Dog (Dog is his last name) had to participate:

And more recently I made my grandson Oscar a double Irish Chain quilt – which I blogged about just this past week in Oscar’s Baby Quilts.

The Civil War Block of the Week continues to be fun and the Civil War Quilts 2011 Flickr group is a wonderful, sharing and encouraging online community.  I am so glad to be involved.  Join us; there is always room for more and it’s never too late!

Have a great holiday weekend, ya’ll!


A quilting Saturday :)

This morning, after a quick run to the grocery store, I’ve been able to work on the Civil War block of the week that Barbara Brackman is blogging about.  This week is block 26 Barbara Frietchie Star.  Not an easy block with all the triangles!

The Civil War BOW has been a lot of fun.  Barbara Brackman has done a wonderful job with the weekly blocks and the Civil War history surrounding them. You can see all my interpretations of the blocks here.  And be sure to check out the Flickr Civil War Group – we all look forward to Saturday each week to see what the new block is.  The sharing and encouragement of the group is fantastic and the talent is unbelievable!

So I’m off to work on Grandpa Joe’s birthday bowtie quilt – he turns 90 next month.  More on this project in the days to come!

Have a great day!

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