Retreat Spotlight: Karen’s Baby Quilt

The JSS Retreat continues on at Compass Centre.  Lots of stitching, lots of eating, lots of laughing and a little sleeping too!  Barb has been blogging today so be sure the check out the Just Sayin’ Sew blog for the latest.

Today, I wanted to spotlight a really neat technique that Karen is using to rescue some tattered baby blankets.  Karen’s friend Cheryl is a mom who hung on to her son’s treasured baby blankets (don’t all moms have a box or two of those special baby items).

Obviously these blankets were much loved:baby-blanket-1baby-blanket-2Now Cheryl is a grandmother and her friend Karen’s challenge is to incorporate these very special, very tattered blankets into a baby quilt.

In addition to baby blankets you will need paper (like newspaper), coordinating fabric squares for the quilt, basting spray and netting.

First Karen covered a table with paper (things will be getting sticky).  She placed some pretty fabric squares on the paper:

fabric-squaresA quick spray of basting spray:

basting-spraySpread the baby blanket over the fabric squares:

baste-baby-blanket-to-fabriAnother quick spray:

spray-and-layerAnd then layer netting over the top.  The netting will hold the tatters together with the fabric…

nettingPeel the whole mess off the paper and move to a cutting board to cut each block to the desired size:

cut-to-sizeThe result will be some amazing blocks:

blocks-for-quiltThe texture on these is wonderful!

more-blocks-for-quiltFor variety, Karen used some plain fabric squares in addition to the “baby blanketed” squares for this super cute baby quilt:

baby-quiltIsn’t that just the coolest way to reuse old baby blankets???

Now back to the sewing machine… Bear Paws are almost done and a Dr. Seuss quilt is calling my name!



We Bee Retreating…

Last night we all descended on the Compass Centre in Mount Calm, Texas ready for retreat!  The snack table is overflowing with goodies:

snack-tableIncluding Barb’s Butter Tarts (a wonderful Canadian recipe from our friend Cathi):

butter-tartsThe evening started off with a Candy Crush-a-thon between Barb and Sally.  Dorothy watched in awe (eating a butter tart):

Candy-Crush-a-thonSally was rocking!

Candy-Crush-a-thon-SallyBarb was rolling!

Candy-Crush-a-thon-BarbThe rest of us were sewing! Early this morning you can see the results of all our hard work.

I finished off 192 half square triangles (these are the claws for a bear claw quilt):

half-square-trianglesBarb put a bunch of her Inklingo projects on the wall:

Barb's-wallIncluding these gorgeous Kaleidoscope Stars:

Barb's-Inklingo-StarsSue is busy working on these itty bitty 25 patch black and white blocks:

Sue's-Super-Cute-black-and-Judy is working with this pretty little Featherweight:

Judy's-featherweightOn a Star quilt (Judy’s on the left, Madelyn’s completed quilt on the right):

Judy's-StarsDorothy has brought house blocks from a block exchange and is arranging them in a circular pattern (a cul-de-sac quilt?):Dorothy's-houses-in-a-circlPatty’s quilt is very pretty but many of the blocks fell off the wall over night….  We will see a more completed quilt here in a day or so…

Patty's-wallCindy has these bright and pretty blocks adorning her space:

Cindy's-workSuz’s is in the spirit of Christmas – here is the first of her pretty trees:

Suz's-TreeAnd, yes, the gremlins are playing with on the design walls:

mischef-on-the-wallsNow, I’m off to work on those claws for the bear paw quilt… Ah, but I think I smell lunch!

Building Barns, Bali Stars, Blooms and More in Mt. Calm

I came home from the JSS Quilt Retreat at Compass Centre about four days ago and I just now feel like I’m caught up on my sleep!  What fun we had!  I was so busy sewing, eating and laughing, I didn’t get much blogging done.  But now that I’m caught up on some zzzz’s, I can share some retreat moments.

The gals that participated in the Bali Star class made great progress – ok, it may have felt slow and tedious, but the results were tremendous!  Early on Peggy and Sarah show off their “melons”:

Peggy's-Bali-Star-Start Sarah's-Bali-Star-StartBut soon, these parts were put together:

Bali-Star's-Start-to-take-s Peggy's-Bali-Star-ProgressAnd eventually entire blocks adorned the design walls:

Bali-Star-BlocksI know these quilts will be simply beautiful! As the Bali Stars were being created other projects were also well underway.  Barb finished quilting this beautiful hand pieced baby quilt.

Barb's-Baby-QuiltAnd she worked on the blooming pansies for a bed runner for her mom:

Barb's-Periwinkle-Octagon-QSee the spot on perfect hand piecing?  Barb is using the Inklingo method with the Periwinkle Octagon shape collection.  Check it out … so pretty … so tempting!

As Barb built blooms, Suz built row houses:

Suz's-row-housesThe fabrics are simply to die for!  Cherrywood Hand Dyed fabrics.

And I built more barns with chickens to go with them:

Barn-Block-4 Barn-Block-3 Barn-Block-2Chicken-BlocksIt was all about the livestock out there in the countryside!  These will all go together as part of the Little Red Barns Quilt.

What would a retreat be without a little bit of “Getting Goofy” with funny hats and silly straws!  Tiaras for some…

Barb-in-her-tiara Cindy-sews-in-a-tiaraFunny hats and mustaches (or …uh… uni-brows) for others:

Suz-in-funny-hat-and-uni-brAdd in a very silly straw and a glass of wine to send us all over the edge into hysterical laughter!Pam-with-funny-straw-and-fu We certainly had a lot of fun!

JSS Quilt Retreat Winds Down

Today was the last day of our wonderful retreat.  We are full of food, our bags are full of finished (or at least started) projects and we are full of plans for the next retreat!

Thanks to Lani’s dad, Jerry, we had an excellent photographer for a group photo shoot:

Considering the fact that we’ve had 2 hours of sleep in the last four days, I think we look fabulous!

The design walls were busy today!  Barb finished her hand pieced baby quilt:

How cute is that?!

Newbie Vicky finished her very first quilt ever – a large T-Shirt quilt:

Cindy’s beautiful finished quilt top appeared on the wall briefly:

And Suz worked on an Art Quilt!  Now that is a phenomenon!

I finished up the labels and binding for my two Faith quilts:At one point this afternoon I caught a glimpse of these beautiful horses running out in the field next to Compass Centre.  By the time I got my camera and ran outside they had found their destination – dinner!

Now we just need to pack up and catch some sleep before we ride off into the sunrise tomorrow morning (ok, not that early, but it sounded good).

Have a great day, y’all!

Retreat Day 3 – Sleep, Eat, Sew, Laugh – Repeat

After Day 3 of our quilt retreat at Compass Centre, we have all grown used to funny hair, no make up, pj’s all day, tons of delicious food and so many laughs our sides hurt!

When I got up this morning the Sewing Fairies had left presents on my sewing machine – cute Texas earrings, hair clips and a cupcake calendar.

I tried to take some more photos of the design walls today. Here is the progress that Lynda made on her quilt before she had to leave early (we miss you Lynda!!!):

Another Linda (with an ‘i”) is working on her first real quilt with this Christmas cutie:

She’s excited!

Here’s is progress on Peggy’s Kaffe quilt.  I believe it has been arranged and rearranged about 60 million times since this photo was taken!

Karen’s pretty quilt is getting bigger and more beautiful every time I turn around:

And Dorothy’s Block Exchange quilt has grown borders with fabulous flying geese since this picture was taken: