Just Takes 2 Times 2

Over the last couple of days (ok, maybe weeks), I’ve completed Unit 11 and Unit 12 of the Just Takes 2 project!  Woohoo!!! I really do love this purple project – I just seem to get behind rather quickly.

Here is Unit 11:

Block 40 (the one on the left) took a bit of time with the embroidery and I hand pieced the outside triangles.  The other blocks were easy breezy.

Here is Unit 12:

Another bunch of easy blocks except hand appliqueing the itty bitty teeny weeny propellers on the planes.  They are a bit catty wonk so these planes may not fly straight, but they’re done!

Now on to Unit 13 and 14!

Have a great week, y’all!

Just What I Needed – Just Takes 2 and Pie

Life can through you a nasty curve ball now and then.  We recently and suddenly lost a beloved member of the guild and a member of my bee.  We are all very shocked and saddened.  But knowing her, she would want us to take a deep breath, pick up a needle, sew a little and maybe bake a pie.  And that is just what I’ve done this afternoon.

I finished up on Unit 10 of the Just Takes 2 project:

The paper pieced blocks took a few hours, the applique block took weeks!  Ah, but the next few units have only a tiny bit of applique, so I should be able to breeze through them rather quickly.

And I baked a pie! This is the season for Parker County Peaches and we bought a big box of them last weekend.  I made 32 jars of peach jam, two batches of peach crisp, ate numerous juicy peaches standing over the kitchen sink and still had some VERY ripe peaches to use.  So I found Simple Peach Pie recipe on Food.com and it is cooling on the counter right now.

Smells wonderful!

So, when life throws you a curve ball – look to those simple pleasures to bring you peace.  As the saying goes “stop and smell the roses”.

Love and hugs to all y’all!

Purple for Pops!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and grandfathers out there! We have a big get together planned for later today with pot roast, potatoes, squash and strawberry shortcake cake from Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook – yum yum!

I have had a little time over the last few days to finish up on Unit 9 of Just Takes 2.  Since Unit 12 was released on Friday – I don’t seem to be gaining any ground in catching up!  Oh well! The hand appliqued block in the center took me days and days to make while the other two blocks were completed in a matter of a few hours.  That hand applique block sure is pretty though!  Worth the time and effort.

Block 33 on the right is called Dove at the Window – as opposed to the Carol Doak BOM Dove in the Window:

That one little preposition makes a big difference!

More Purple Progress, People!

I actually had a nice quiet Memorial Day after a cooking up a storm on Sunday for a big family barbeque.  Yesterday it was time to relax.

So, of course, I hit the sewing room!  I took advantage of the quiet to work on Unit 8 of the Just Takes 2 project.  Unit 8 was released on April 15 – so I’m a bit behind.  But – better late than never!

I’m really happy with the way the big block 29 came out with the embroidery in the corners.  I used one of the embroidery patterns that was sold with the March 1 blocks.  I liked the pattern and it wasn’t overwhelming.

So now on to Unit 9 – which has more paper piecing and some challenging looking hand applique.

Have a great week, y’all!


JT2 Purple Progress Report

I have finally had some time to work on the Just Takes 2 project.  I had been going great guns at first but then came across a few blocks that were real doozies.  The biggest challenge for this fledgling hand appliqúer has been block 27.  But I finished it yesterday.  Block 28 went together in just a few minutes.  Here they are side by side:

Whenever I look at this hand appliqued block I will think of PBS series Downton Abbey.

Strange, I know.  But I watched all of season one while working on this block.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show and will try to watch season two while working on the next JT2 hand appliqued block (block 34).  Who knows, maybe every time I applique I’ll start speaking with a British accent or wear funny hats and drink tea :-).

Once blocks 27 and 28 were complete I could put all of Section A together:

This is one quarter the size of what the finished quilt will be!  This has definitely been a fun but challenging quilt to work on.  The finished product will be a real treat!

Oh, the dogs know the word “treat”! I better go find the Pupperonies :-).

Take care, y’all!

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