How Much Arizona Fun Can You Pack into 2 Days?

Answer:  A LOT!!!

This past week we made a quick trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to see my brother and his wife.  We were there for three nights and managed to pack in lots of Arizona beauty, fun and visiting. More than I can cover in one blog – so this is Part 1 of our Arizona trip.


We arrived on Monday and had a great visit, picked oranges and lemons in their back yard, gazed at the full moon through palm trees and ate a wonderful steak dinner.

Tuesday we borrowed Jeff’s car and drove up to Sedona which is about 2 hours north of Scottsdale and about 4000 feet higher in elevation!  The closer we got to Sedona, the more magnificent the views.

Once in Sedona, the first thing we wanted to do was to locate the Pink Jeep Tours as we had a 1pm tour reserved.  Not a problem – the town is just too small to get lost in!  We had about an hour to kill before the tour so visited Tlaquepaque. This arts and crafts shopping area is filled with unique galleries and gift shops.  We picked up a couple of unusual items – cactus shaped candles and a pretty metal hummingbird for the patio.

Finally it was time for our tour.  Pink Jeep Tours had been highly recommended by several people and I am so glad we decided to take the tour.  It seemed expensive but was well worth it.  We had a blast!!!  The tour we took was called “Broken Arrow” and our guide was Scott.  He was funny and informative and a very good driver.  Interestingly, the 1950 movie “Broken Arrow” was filmed in this area – now I need to find a copy of the movie!

This was the sign as we left the paved road…

It didn’t look too bad:

But wow – we drove up and over, and down and around some terrain that I wouldn’t have thought possible.  At our first stop we got out and climbed a bit for some views beyond beautiful:

Can you see the pink jeeps in the photo below?

There was an incredible vista in every direction!

We all piled back into the jeep (there were 6 of us plus the driver) and bounced our way to the second breathtaking stop.

Scott spent some time talking about the geology of the area.

Before we moved on Scott snapped our picture with the jeep:

It was time to start the trek home.  Most of the time on the “road” I really couldn’t take pictures because I was holding on for dear life.  The photo below shows where we had come down off a big boulder (along the bluish streak in the rock).

And here looking back you can see a “stairway” of rocks we came down:

What an amazing afternoon!  I actually have more Sedona to share plus all the fun we had in Scottsdale and Phoenix – but all that’s for another blog – maybe tomorrow.

Right now, I think I need to sew something – it’s been days and days since I fired up the old sewing machine. 😉  I wouldn’t want it to get lonely or rusty…

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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