Post Vacation Catching Up

Last week we rented a beach house in Galveston with our kids, grandkids and dogs. We enjoyed sand, surf, grilling, kite flying, sand castle building, seashell hunting and each other!   A wonderful time was had by all!

This week I’ve been recuperating 🙂 and catching up on all the blocks of the week, blocks of the month, etc. that I’ve fallen behind on.  So… on with the show!

First up, Barbara Brackmans Threads of Memory Block of the Month.  The pattern can be found on Barbara’s Civil War Quilts Blog.  This is the 5th month and the block is called Madison Star commemorating Delia Webster who was active in the underground railroad.  Here is my Madison Star.

Threads-of-Memory-5---MadisI have four weeks of Austen Family Album blocks to share.  This is another Barbara Brackman BOW and the patterns can be found on her Austen Family Album blog.  Each week information about Jane Austen, her family and England during her era are presented.  This is block 6 in the series and is called Empire Star:

Block-6---Empire-StarWeek 7  is called Philadelphia Block:

Block-7---Philadelphia-BlocHere is week 8 – Eliza’s Star.

Block-8---Eliza's-StarAnd the most recent, block 9, is London Roads:

Block-9---London-RoadsAll month, before, during and after our beachy vacation I’ve been working on the Le Jardin hand applique block.  These are NOT quickies!

Block-2And, finally, last but not least, the Carol Doak Scrap Scramble Block of the month (or actually Blocks of the month – as there is almost always more than one block).  I did not realize until I took the photo that these are sailboats!  I probably would have made the light blue less flowery, but I like them anyway!  Crazy flowery sailboats with a flowery sea and sky with puppy dog masts :-).

JuneHopefully I will get back to you with more blogs this month – last month was crazy so you only got one update all month.  Stay tuned and have a great summer!

It’s Raining BOMs and BOWs!

We are having a rare day of rain here in North Texas.  So I’ve taken the dreary day to finish up on the Carol Daok Scrap Scramble for May.  These bright paper pieced flowers will brighten up the sewing studio!

MayAs I was uploading the flower picture, I realized I have several weeks of the Austen Family Album block of the week and a couple of months of the Threads of Memory block of the month that I haven’t blogged about, plus a new hand applique block of the month.  So I’m going to shower you with blocks!

Barbara Brackman’s Austen Family Album blog takes us each week to Jane Austen’s England with history and a free block.  This is block 2 – called Sister’s Choice:

Block-2---Sister's-ChoiceHere is block 3, which was appropriately posted on Easter Sunday.  It is called Cross Within a Cross:

Block-3---Cross-Within-CrosBlock 4 is called Thrifty:

Block-4---ThriftyAnd the most recent is block 5 – Village Square:Block-5---Village-SquareAren’t they fun!  The fabric is called Modernism – by Barbara Brackman herself!

Threads of Memory is a block of the month posted on Barbara Brackman’s Civil War blog.  I have two months of blocks I have not shared with you yet.  Here is New Garden Star which is block 3 in the series:

Threads-of-Memory-3And the 4th, and most recent block, is Canada Star:

Threads-of-Memory-4---CanadAnd, last but not least, a block of the month called Le Jardin by Bunny Hill Designs.  Here is block 1:

Block-1I want to improve my hand applique and I think these cute bunny designs are wonderful motivation!

Now you are all caught up with my on-going projects!  Have a great weekend, y’all!

BOMs, BOWs and Blooms

While I was on our wonderful bee retreat this week, I worked on several projects including the Carol Doak Scrap Scamble Block of the Month (BOM), a new Barbara Brackman Block of the Week (BOW) called Austen Family Album and a very bright flowery churn dash quilt.

First – the Scrap Scramble BOM.  Actually, it is once again more than one block – but very cute and scrappy:

AprilThe Barbara Brachman Austen Family Album just started this past Sunday with the first block called Bright Star for Jane Austen.  I decided to use Barbara Brachman’s  Modernism line of fabric.  It is simply gorgeous and I love that she has brought us so many BOMs and BOWs with thoughtful related historical context.  Here is block 1:

Block-1---Bright-Star-for-JAnd, now for something completely different – this churn dash quilt made with a Kanvas New Bloom layer cake:

cookie-bloomsThe pattern came from a Better Homes and Gardens publication called Perfect for Precuts.  It was such fun to work on each of these blocks during the retreat and put them up on the design wall for all to see.

I also worked on some hand applique and a new quilt using my hand dyed fabric, however, neither of those are ready for any kind of sharing – yet.  Stay tuned!

On the way home, I had to stop and get a picture of this hillside covered with bluebonnets – spectacular!

bluebonnet-hillHave a great weekend, y’all!

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