March Bee Day Show and Tell

Yesterday was Bee Day!  What a great day!  Linda was our hostess with the mostest – thank you Linda!  Now I usually take a lot of pictures of the food, the visiting, the laughter and the fun but for some reason I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures.  But I did get the show and tell and that’s a good thing – it was particularly fabulous yesterday … so here you go!

First up was Lynda – she was having a dilemma assembling her quilt and asked for a bit of advice.  Well, we are never short on advice!

Lynda-soliciting-adviceSuz was binding this quilt and said she would unfold it once and only once for show and tell… (until Sally showed up and she unfolded it again).  This A&M quilt for Suz’ niece is called Tradition – now, let me see if I can get the story straight – she has two pictures of nieces with Revelry the mascot and anything done twice at A&M is considered a tradition.  (Is that right, Suz?).

Suz-with-TraditionWhen I got up for show and tell, Lynda tried to help out but the camera was a bit challenging so dear Judy took over the photography detail – thanks y’all!  Here is my latest in bringing chickens into the kitchen without the mess:

Me-with-chickensI just got two quilts back from my quilter (Susan Corbett).  This first one is from Barbara Brackman’s Threads of Memory blog:

Me-with-Threads-of-MemoryAnd I saved the best for last – the Le Jardin quilt:

Me-with-Le-JardinI have to show a close up of some of the quilting:

Le-Jardin-with-close-up-of-Next up was Lemma (I sure hope I’m spelling that correctly).  She brought a beautiful nine-patch:

Lemma's-9-patchLove how some of the blocks were embellished with buttons from her mother’s button collection:

Lemma's-buttonsDavene brought several hand appliqued/hand embroidered blocks – super cute!

Davene-with-applique-and-emHow about a close up of one – look at all those french knots!

Davene's-block-close-upJudy’s granddaughter made this quilt!  It’s it just awesome!  It has minky on the back too.

Judy's-granddaughter's-quilWhen Sandra showed us this beautiful quilt she said, “I just love Fall.”  I think that would be a good name for this quilt.


Sandra-Love-Fall-QuiltBarb has been working on her Dear Jane quilt!  Look at these two cute blocks!  And a cute new sweater too.  😉

Barb-made-Dear-Jane-blocksSomehow, at this point, the subject of moose came up (can’t say why…) and Judy gave us her best moose impression!

Judy's-moose-impressionAfter we laughed until we cried, then Mona brought us back around with this pretty quilt she quilted for a client:

Mona-shows-a-client-quiltCindy was working on some embroidery – this sweet Christmas towel.

Cindy-is-embroidering-chrisWish I had gotten a picture, Cindy and Lynda both had on the same cute Scottie dog top!

Peggy brought a project box to show and tell.  I got so caught up in her story, the only picture I got was of her holding the box!

Peggy-with-her-show-and-telThe project box contains a quilt project that Peggy started a long time ago.  Our guild speaker last week was Froncie Quinn and wonderful her presentation was about historical quilts and how she creates quilt designs for reproduction quilts. Well, at some point Peggy had visited the Shelburne Museum, had seen this quilt and had bought the pattern.

Froncie Quinn

After hearing the speaker at guild, Peggy found her project box and discovered that a lot of the nine patches are complete and the applique prepped and ready to stitch.  She is all inspired again.  How fun is that whole story?!

Sally brought a very special quilt to share – made for her friend as a remembrance of a lost child.  So much thoughtfulness and love went into this quilt – it will be a precious gift.

Sally's-rememberance-quiltAnd Sally brought her gorgeous Christmas Quilt fresh from the quilter:

Sally's-Christmas-QuiltLove it!

Nancy came across several antique quilts being given away by a neighbor (I think…).  Here are just a couple of these amazing quilts:

Nancy's-Antique-Quilts-1 Nancy's-Antique-Quilt-3 Nancy's-Antique-Quilt-2What a fabulous show and tell!  And what a fabulous Bee Day!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Around the World Blog Hop

Have you heard about the fabulous “Around the World Blog Hop?”  Every Monday we are passing the blogging baton on to one of our favorite bloggers.  Last Monday, my stitching buddy Barb linked to me on her Just Sayin’ Sew blog.  Thanks Barb!  Here she is with one of her wonderful Inklingo blocks:Barb-with-another-Inklingo-

To participate in the Blog Hop, I first answer some questions and then link to the next blogger  – who will blog about the Around the World Blog Hop next Monday.

Question 1:  What am I working on?

Oh my, that is quite a question.  I keep most (not all) of my projects in these colorful plastic boxes from Costco stacked up in a cabinet in my quilt studio:

Quilt-projectsFrom the tippy top box (a 4 patch exchange with friends) to the very bottom box (quilt blocks for my JSS bee exchange) – there are plenty of projects to work on.  However I’m not going to show you the contents of each one of these boxes – just some highlights of very recent projects and one new one on the horizon.

This week I took a workshop through the Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild on Miniature Baskets with Margie Payton. It was fun but very intense!  Here is my miniature basket quilt top:

Miniature-Basket-QuiltI put the quarter on the quilt so you can see just how tiny those little baskets are!

After that very small project, my Austen Family Album block of the week seemed enormous!

Little-and-BigLast month, my friends and I hit the Houston Quilt Festival.  After seeing all the beautiful red and white quilts, including this wonderful Just Takes 2 quilt, I have been once again inspired to take up my purple and white Just Takes 2 project.

Friends-at-the-quilt-showHere are blocks 55, 56 and 57.  Only 43 more to go!!!

Blocks-55,-56,-57One last show and tell!  I’ve decided to participate in Bonnie Hunters new Grand Illusion Mystery quilt, which begins on November 28.  I’ve got some gorgeous batiks for this new mystery quilt:

Fabrics Can’t wait for the first clue!  Check out her blog and join me if you can!

Question 2:  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think my quilting differs that much from others. I like to try many different quilting techniques, from paper piecing to needle turned hand applique and everything in between. I do like to have several projects going on at the same time, so I never get bored!  If a project doesn’t appeal to me today, I’ll pick up something else.  I love to begin projects but really do try to finish them now and then too!

Question 3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

I love to quilt!  I love that I can be creative and don’t have to draw, paint or sing (I am really bad at all three).  I blog about my quilting because I’m an insufferable show off!  I love to share what I’ve been working on.  I love to share others work too – quilt shows, bee days, quilt shop hops, etc.  If I can pique your interest, make you smile or give you a tip you can use, then I feel good.

Question 4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

I take lots of pictures!  The pictures tell me what to write!  I edit the pictures in Adobe Photoshop Elements, cropping, enhancing, resizing and finally saving a version for the web.  As I go through these steps I’m actually composing  the story behind the photo.  Sometimes it is a long explanation and sometimes all the photo needs is a name.  When I write, I try to give you lots of links to other web sites, other artists, patterns, fabrics, books, tools, so on.  The internet is full of resources!  I like to share those if I can.

Passing the Baton

Next Monday, December 1 check out Postcards from Panama for the next Around the World Blog Hop posting.  Carol from Panama is another amazing Inklingo quilter!  And I just love her bright fabric choices!

This week in the US we are preparing lots of fabulous pies, turkeys and side dishes so we can celebrate with friends and family all that makes us thankful.  One thing I am thankful for is to have this opportunity to share with you!  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

May Bee Day

Yesterday was our JSS Bee Day for May!  Our heroic hostess was Patti and we are all grateful for her stepping in to hostess at the last minute.  We all had a wonderful time, ate a lot, stitched a little and laughed a lot!  And, of course, there was show and tell.

Nancy was working on this beautiful applique.

Nancy's-appliqueSome details (it helps to blog about this the day after bee day – I remember stuff better :-)) –  the gorgeous fabric is Robyn Pandolf and Nancy is using Beth Ferrier Applique Sheets which give your applique a nice crisp edge but will wash away when you are done stitching.

Lynn wins the prize for the most show and tell!  First – her virtual show and tell:Lynn's-Virtual-Show-and-TelThe back of the quilt is made up of T-Shirts!  What a great way to create a memorable quilt but have a wonderfully sophisticated top!

Lynn's-virtual-quilt-backLynn also showed us a great way to tote around a hand stitching project.  Use a flannel-backed tablecloth cut to the right size:

Lynn's-handy-carrier-for-toAnd Lynn brought a couple of quilts to share too!  She’s been one super productive JSS’er!  This children’s quilt is just adorable:

Lynn's-Children's-QuiltI had to get a close-up of one of the panel blocks – super cute!

Lynn's-Children's-Quilt-CloAnd … last but not least this beautiful flying geese quilt:

Lynn's-Flying-Geese-QuiltLast week Judy went to the Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild workshop presented by our own Annie Foerster.  They learned all kinds of 3-D texturing techniques and Judy brought her project to show:

Judy-and-her-pretty-pillowHow cute is that!

Patti’s show and tell is this pretty red and white quilt made from block exchange blocks.

Patti's-Red-and-White-blockThe back is really neat.  We asked Patti how she came up with the idea for the back and she said she just dug around in her stash and let the quilt speak to her!  It’s always nice when our quilts speak to us and we actually listen!  Most of mine say “finish me!”

Patti---back-of-red-and-whiMy show and tell was the little itty bitty Kaffe’s Crazy Neighborhood that I included in a blog the other day:

Kaffe's-Crazy-NeighborhoodWith all the showing and sewing we were ready for lunch!

lunchWe had quite a spread!  These scrumptious tomatoes were to die for (I think Nancy brought these)…

yummo-tomatoesAnd, finally, before we all had to hit the road, we Skyped with Barb in Canada – it was such fun to see her and get a virtual tour of the motor home!

skyping-with-BarbWe missed a lot of gals this week.  I hope all the husbands, mothers, grandkids, dogs, jobs, vacations and other bee day distractions are all well taken care of by next month!  I’m sure y’all will have LOTS of show and tell by then!!!

A Celebration Rose Quilt for Auction

The Trinity Valley Quilter’s Guild upcoming quilt show in late September – Remember When… Quilted Memories of Days Gone by – will be celebrating the guild’s 30th Anniversary. One of the new features this year will be a live (not silent) quilt auction and I’ve been casting about looking for a brilliant idea for a small quilt.

I knew the fabric I wanted to use and I knew I wanted to paper piece the quilt.  Then this morning I saw on the Carol Doak Quilting Group Yahoo Group site that she has a  block celebrating the 8000th member of the group.  Large enough for a single block to be a good focus for a small quilt, appropriate for the fabric I wanted to use and a celebration too (I like a theme :-)).

Here’s my small quilt – named A Celebration Rose:

I’ve used scraps leftover from my Ocean Waves quilt which won my first ribbon at the show last year.  Seems appropriate.  I do still need to quilt my little quilt, but wanted to share my fun!  Now, if you really like it, be sure to come to our quilt show and make a bid!

The Next Big Thing – Orca Bay Mystery Quilt

Well, I seem to love a mystery.  I just finished up on the Carol Doak Twisting Mystery Quilt and I am about to embark on the next big mystery – Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  Bonnie spoke at the Trinity Valley Quilters Guild last year and I am a BIG fan!  So this will be a real treat!

I am a bit behind already – I have just now raided my stash for the fabrics needed and ordered a couple of recommended rulers.  Here are my fabrics:

The mystery quilt instructions call for a variety of contrasting colors – Bonnie suggests reds, blues, neutrals and blacks.  Her instructions in the intro to the mystery quilt give approximate yardage.

At first, I didn’t think I had many reds (which I needed the most of), but I forgot about the two big red quilts I’ve done in the last two years.  Here are my reds:

I knew I had lots of blues:

I hope my neutrals are neutral enough:

And I hope my blacks are black enough:

So, while I wait for my rulers to come I will press and organize my fabrics and watch the progress of the other participants.  If you are interested in participating, check out Bonnie’s Quiltville web site!  It will be a lot of fun!!!

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